Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Jolly Flags' (Part #356)

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'Jolly Flags'


Flags are usually stand for nations, states, parties, companies and whatever else a group of people would consider important enough. At first it seems that flags unite people but they actually separate them from one another on a larger scale.

Some people would die for a flag they consider important enough. When you really think about it, it's crazy, isn't it? To give away a life for a piece of cloth symbolizing an idea is pretty sad, isn't it?

This morning the city centre woke up full of flags. The flags we see are works of art and even though they look pretty and some of them represent an idea, nobody would give life to them.

I don't know what is the idea behind this but I like to see funny looking flags that call for no wars, no identification, no pride or glory. They are here just for fun. I can feel them completely differently than I would if seeing a row of official ones.

There is an old dream people wake up to from time to time. A borderless world where all people are brothers and sisters. A world of abundance where no one wants to harm another. A world full of love and understanding. For this day and age, it is a dream too far. But, who would have the audacity tell us, dreamers, that the future doesn't hide good outcomes?

Enjoy your day! :-)

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really very wonderfull flags you showing your blog.just excellent thought quality. its obviously your historical culture creativity.i always appreciate your work.this jolly flags looks to very difference pretty. I really like that your city pays attention to creative ideas. I like the fact that this business is common, and everyone can see it. These flags look interesting and fun. That is, they can be assumed that they satirically show us the established picture of the world in which everything is flown.Are you familiar with the work and work of Jacques Fresco? He dreamed of creating such a free world. He had a project "Venus". His idea sounded very inescapable, but alas in our time the creation of a free from the borders of the world is a utopia.thanks to sharing for your great post of travelling..very well done..take care yourself and best of luck of your great work..may god bless you.. my dear friend.. @velimir

The flag since ancient times is a symbol of the state or separate groups of people (parties, groups and so on). In particular, it makes them recognizable and creates an individuality. I can not agree with your thoughts about the fact that as a result we see a division of people. Partiotism has negative consequences and is used for selfish purposes.
I really like that your city pays attention to creative ideas. I like the fact that this business is common, and everyone can see it. These flags look interesting and fun. That is, they can be assumed that they satirically show us the established picture of the world in which everything is flown.
Are you familiar with the work and work of Jacques Fresco? He dreamed of creating such a free world. He had a project "Venus". His idea sounded very inescapable, but alas in our time the creation of a free from the borders of the world is a utopia.
Thank you!

what a beautiful post about flags, I do remember when I was a kid and we use to go out with flag in hands and shouting PAKISTAN ZINDABAD, It means livelong Pakistan, that's the love of my country for me, my love for my motherland, it the same right now but now I don't go out with the flag in my hands, but Still I can die for my motherland, who has given me everything, eveything that is needed to live, it gives me home, it gives me freedom. Everyone loves their country they can die for their country flags who represent them, Take an example of Military, they are the normal people like us, but they are fighting for us, they are fighting for our country, they are risking their lives for us to live happily and peacefully. I salute their efforts. I think you guys are having an event in which artist has made these flags with his art and showing how classical he is with his art, I'm just loving it.
Though these flags are known for separating us, the real meaning of flags is to give us identity )
Thanks, @velimir for sharing this wonderful place.

Beautifully decorated and amazing art. Recently here from india to london some of my uncles and others went to a road trip covering almost 18 nations. I didn't knowbefore that it was possible . But its wonderful. You can see the video searchimg in youtube.

I too love motorcycle travel more than anything else. I along with some of our friend even go for a trip in hilly areas. It feels amazing. I did't uploaded in dtube coz i don't have a good cemera or a gopro. But soon i will upload it when i'll buy one. Thanks for sharing the pictures sir.

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Victor resides in Sodpur church bazar of India. From 10 to 20 sanders, feeding meat and rice at noon, from their earning money.

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Victory cooked 300 kg of rice, 150 kilogram chicken meat bought on Sunday morning. Then feed the 2,500 trees of the ward of Panihati municipality wards of 2,400, 13, and 14 of the food with cooked food in the van.

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An international match, the flag is also capable of being an encouragement.

Then when climbing a mountain or traveling somewhere, the flag remains our identity.

If we re-read the history of the heroes struggle against the invaders and fight for the independence of this nation, then we can feel that to fly a flag is not an easy matter.

Hi @velimir
How are you .

You art photo is amazing , beautiful decorated .

Nice photography .

Thanks for sharing @velimir
Upvote you ..

I am proud that i am bangaladeshi .

I love it when they make our city so colorful and playful, should do it more often :)

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When I was a young man I raised my right hand and promised to 'preserve, protect and defend' one of those other flags. I don't give promises lightly and that one is no exception. But in the years since (46, but who is counting?) I have changed my vision of what the world really needs.

I guess you have to have borders, because you need lines on maps. But I'm not just sure why some are welcome on one side of the line and some aren't.

It's truly good to see flags that are just for the fact of being. I really do appreciate the photographs and the ideas. Thank you.

Flags separate humans and internet unite them....who gets benefited in a bigger picture is entirely a different topic. ;)

Basically flags are the identification of any country .they represent their nations identity too.flag unite peoples at single platform.flags given in this post are funny but definitely they would have been designed for some aim.nice work Velimer.

Good display of flags! They are very colorful and fun, however, they must all have a purpose, although we may not be clear this time. Excellent article @velimir.

Thanks for the eye opener. This issue of flags have been on for a long time

Hi @velimir i always support for your travel blog

Great post thank you! Everyone is so concerned with the indoctrination factory that is modern schools it’s sad. People ask the questions all the time ‘but what about when they go to school?!’ As if it’s really any of their concern.

Keep up what you folks do! I am glad there is a platform such as Steemit where we can give you contributions in any way we can such as likes and re-Steem. Hopefully someday you will have the time to visit New England, it’s a beautiful place to go year-round.

I really enjoyed this post - thank you!

Highly inspired. Yeah for sure. Flag isn't just a colored cloth it is the symbol representative for the nation and everyone love their flags and would highly prefer this piece of colored cloth...🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

How interesting to see the people who place this large number of flags for what strikes me and why they do it? I also find interesting the image that appears in one of the flags where Nicolas Tesla appears the great scientist of electricity.