Motorcycle travel series by @velimir 'Janbo workshop 2' (Part #138)

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In front of the motorcycle's workshop, there is always a row of parked engines. It is almost like a landmark. I always enjoy taking a look at the motorcycles parked there, before I order a coffee for Bojan and myself.

The one in the foreground you should be easily able to recognize by now :D

The lady comes out to wash one of the bigger ones. This one arrived to be fully fixed and customized and then it will be put to sale.

She carefully finds every spot and gently removes it with the mini-wash system.

There are discussions still taking place on the Internet if it is a good idea to wash a motorcycle with a mini wash. Apparently it has the same impact as if riding fast in the rain. I think it is quite a valid argument.

After finishing, she moves on to the next one!

Enjoy your day! :)

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Yet another awesome travel post from you, man. It's a pleasure seeing you here at the Steemfest. Will catch up soon. :)

oooh! :) buddy lots of love going your way! so happy to meet you, finally! :)

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This is probably one of my favorite threads on steem!

9/10 tips hat

Thank you for your ongoing support! :)


LOL did you make this?

Of course :))

Very nice ;))) Approved!

looking at the photos, i would love to ride this kind of bikes

I believe you my friend, I so believe you!

A fine row of motorbikes lined up there, the wall art is quite impressive as well. I suppose with so much of the engine exposed on the these motorbikes jet washing does risk getting damp into the electrics.

I asked her, to be honest, and she assured me its not the case. She does it every day with no problems ;)

Well sir it's really seems a great bike and your also doing great who make this

Thank you!! :) Please continue to read !

Well thanks for your response Nir read all .from initial to end.

I always like motorcycle journey

You are very passionate about the bikes. I see that now :)

I like the feeling of riding. it gives me certin sense of freedom. In my mind :)

This is a great photography. Keep it up and thanks for sharing

Thank you!! :)

Well sir bike looks like next generation bike.

Wow I had never see any such bike before in my life.

LOVE it my friend. Keep up the good work. Upvote and resteem. Hope that helps some.

you don Excellance job on steemit pls upvote me

Nice photo, nice post

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