Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Danube's only sandy beach, probably' (Part #447)

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'Danube's only sandy beach, probably'


Weird thing in Bratislava. There is a sandy beach right on the banks of the Danube river. It is artificial, of course, but it doesn't take away the charm at all. I enjoyed a sunny afternoon and observed how people enjoy their time, imagining to be by the sea.

What brought me to another thought. I live in a Mediterranean country and we take our beautiful sea for granted. Weird, eh? Such is the human mind.

Check those kids loving the artificial beach like as it was real. Do they mind its not the sea but a fast river in which you cannot even swim legally? I don't think so.

A small beach bar is also there. A good place for parents to have a coffee. :)

When you give it a second thought - it is all about playing in the sand, after all, isn't it? :)

Enjoy your day! :)

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It's nice that place, even when it's artificial, it looks real so it's easy to imagine being in the sea just watching all that, a beautiful sight. I think it's great that children enjoy being there, even though they can not use what they see. And it's good that you enjoyed it too, @velimir. Good for you. :-)

wow,really very wonderfull sandy beach.i am agree with your opinion.its very artificial.but this beach every place very comfortable any child. so,obviously child likes this beach.of course most of the people coming to enjoy this sandy beach wonderfull fresh environment.. looking a amazing bar and parents drink to doing any cofee.atleast overall very fantastic to your express doing very properly.thanks to sharing for your amazing creativity thought post..very well done.may god bless dear friend.. @velimir i resteem your post.

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I think it is the duty of the management to utilize the worthy sights in a productive way to make those places worth living for the public. Although this is an artificial beach but look at those kids who are enjoying their life in a rock star way :D

But the way you have edited the photographs, it feels this is the most sexy and nudist beach of the world :D :D

Superb Stuff Bro @velimir

I look at this and it reminds me of a saying of my grandmother: what many wish for, others discard! I also live near the sea and I don't see that the government or the private company does anything to rescue and make the beaches more attractive. On the other hand, in other countries, they manage to get what they want, even if it is artificial. I like the idea, especially because I see that people enjoy it and if they don't make any invasion or imbalance with nature, I don't see any problem. A little bit of vitamin D is always good! Good Monday.

Wao very interesting photography,yeah this is artificial beach,but looks so beautiful,its looks real beach,Every childs so enjoying in this beach,Every childrens playing in the sand,chair looks so great,coffee point looks so amazing,Very interesting locations,such a fabulous photography,I always like your post,thanks for sharing,

Your all images seem wonderful. I wish i could get time to visit this place. So materialistic life. We are working day and night, no time to meet friends.

Wonderful, I think I would also have a good time in a place like this, even if it's artificial. I love the sea, so to see it through what you show us I like it the same. Good for you that you enjoyed it, @velimir.

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