Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Build it to be beautiful!' (Part #446)

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'Build it to be beautiful!'


When I see a building like this, I start wondering why don't we make buildings beautiful today? I mean is it so hard to give it a look that will echo in the future. All those millions of ugly looking skyscrapers and apartment blocks made of thousands of tons of faceless concrete become such a shame for the human kind.

Look at this beautiful facade.

When you ask for the reason why is it so today, it's cheaper, the architects say. Yes but its ugly. Spent some more and make beautiful whatever you do. People knew how to do it in the past, so should be able to in the future, too.

We work less than anytime before in the human history and yet, we are unable to produce hi-quality products. Well, maybe that is the actual reason.

Luckily we still have buildings like this one to enjoy. Maybe they'll serve as blueprints for the future. Maybe people start realizing how much their surrounding affects the way they feel.

Let's wait and see.

Enjoy your day! :)

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There's certainly a lot of what you say, @velimir. But you also have to see how the population has increased and how some materials have become more expensive! There are more people and more poverty. It has fallen into the error of making projects more vertical than horizontal, and with less expensive materials. This structure that you show today, is really very beautiful, portentous, and with incredible details. I imagine many of those things were handmade. A work of an artist! Doing that building right now would cost a fortune. Nice Sunday

wow,really very wonderfull photography of arhitecturural buildings.building all sidees very amazing.this digital year thouse people like doing mordern building.but old always gold..your showing building very mindblowing and design very perfect.but those ancient buildings or castles really looks great..atleast overall was perfect.thanks to sharing for your great post.very well done.may god bless dear friend.. @velimir

Impressive, those designs are luxurious, @velimir. The figures are beautiful, very creative who did these works, they were construccuins worthy of admiration and copy, nothing to do with what now. I wonder what inspired these people to do these jobs that nobody does now? I would really enjoy seeing something like that today. Thank you for sharing this beauty.

Totally in agreement with you, @velimir. Today everything seems to be a copy of another, where you see the same constructions, nothing new. will it be that as the technology advances, the creativities fall? Something like this today would be wonderful. I love all those designs you show, the figures are really beautiful. A work very well done really.

Such a wonderful photography,very impressive buildings,Very wonderful architecture of buildings,All buildings looks so beautiful,Very great design of buildings,Very high quality materials these buildings construction,I really like your post,thanks for sharing,@Velimir.

It might be because of the rising population. To accommodate all the people at minimum costs we have to give up the beauty aspect.

Now a days people are preferring modern architectural buildings, but those ancient buildings or castles really looks great. As men are social so I think they prefer the society.

You're so lucky to see all those amazing buildings!


I have visited your profile and found it mind blowing. I really like your post "Little sketch I did...", and "Ariana Grande [sketch]". Your sketch work is stunning and lovely. I have become a big fan of you.

Post the best quality. Thanks so much for a great post.

The images of the buildings you have posted has add a new dimension in my thinking about building design. They are mind blowing. Your content is very organized and conceptual.

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