Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'A Surprising Encounter' (Part #260)

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'A Surprising Encounter'


The property appears to be smaller than it is. Must be the angle. Before I leave the place, I want to find the big mill wheel Zoran spoke about. I ride back down, following the road. It was so warm inside the restaurant that I find outside to be even colder than before lunch. But not for long. I hope.

And, indeed! The huge wheel is where I was told it would be. Even though its side is covered in ice, the wheel keeps turning. Tired wood is singing a song while making its neverending rounds. It feels like watching a good movie over again and again. A winter tale could easily be filmed here.

The movement is what doesn't allow the wheel to freeze. If it was to stop, the ice would cover it quickly. I love to hear the sound it makes. It is quite different from the sound of the small wheel, the one I've found before. This one is somewhat deeper. It makes me sleepy. But, it could also be the lunch. :-)

For a moment, I lose myself staring at the turning wheel. Time passes by, I feel so good that I have no cause to move. Then I realize it's quite late.

I turn away to sit on my motorcycle. I'm not alone anymore! Those ponies walked up to me when I wasn't looking. What a surprise! Who would expect them to walk 300, maybe 400m, where they were grazing when I arrived? This is heartwarming. I didn't see them coming, I didn't hear them coming but here they are out of the blue. For some unknown reason they came to the frozen wheel and now gently uncover the grass under the frost and slowly graze.

Some moments are memorable. This is one of them. Was it my whispering? Did they remember the man with a motorcycle from before lunch? They seem to be really smart and friendly. I wish I have something to feed them. Living beings are much more interconnected than we realize or comprehend. That very thought dwells in my mind as I sit on the bike and leave this place of wonder...

Enjoy your day! :-)

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Well i can see you are really having a nice time on your journey.
Talking about the the sound the wooden wheel makes that must have been a little quark funny sound.
Have a nice on steeming thank you for your valuable content, even though i am not there physically atleast i have seen the images on your blog.

Have you ever laughed at yourself with a funny name?

Or make fun of someone while playing in flehmen? If it is, it's too bad, the horse may remember your insult for the rest of life. A study in 2010 revealed some surprising results about horse intelligence, the issue of memory.

Horse friends not only understand our words much better than we anticipated before. His memories fit just as well as elephants. If you want a horse well, he will remember the person as a friend during his life. The horse will soon go on friendship when they see them again, regardless of how long they separated. They also remember very nice places. Horse loves to be nervous when they are taken to a place where they have a surprise experience.

A good memory and a relatively strong horse's intelligence is a good thing. If they get bored, they can accidentally figure out how to break away from open posts and hooks and buckwheat baskets. Once they apply this method of delinquency, they will never forget.

As always i love your purplish images.Loves these and your bike is too good :) I wish i can ride that bike

  ·  last year (edited)

Ah, those ponies came to visit - how sweet of them - they must like your personality, that's what ;)

I like the contrast between the red/pink sky and the blue/black lake, I also like that protruding stone in the right section of the lake - looks like a crocodile to me and that's amusing :) I hope he didn't freeze to death!

This wheel makes a really marvelous picture, with the interesting texture of the ice and the blue haze it emits, might even serve as an art -post photo in my opinion.
I like the idea we can take from that wooden wheel - the way not to freeze and decline is to always keep on moving, with persistence, even though the everyday might look a bit tedious, like the wheel turn around and around the same way for ever - keeping it up and not letting go can get us so some sparkling heights all of the sudden - just like the wooden wheel turns to a sparkling diamond handsome wheel.

Great post velimir! thanks!

After reading some of the comments, I decided to make sure that the ponies and horses are so clever. This was not a big discovery for me, but now I know that ponies and horses do very well percolate good and evil. Rampage is the fundamental characteristic of the elephants. They are found by the most vile creatures. Nevertheless, these horses are very good human friends. You yourself became convinced of this today :) Apparently they liked you very much and they came to you. Perhaps they are bored of standing in a state of gravity and they decided to join you
The ice-covered wheel is unusual. It reminded me of a sculpture made of ice. Even there are competitions to create the most beautiful and realistic sculptures of ice. It is beautiful.
Motorcycle and pony - this is like looking into the past and the present. Previously, people saddled horses, and now they saddle the iron horses. Good photo.
Thank you
Good day

  ·  last year (edited)

:) wow. I like the details of the icebound wheels too!
It shines like jewelry! and then the ponies, how they feel cold? .. brrr
I'm cold while looking at photographs: D
I'm sure they remember you and your motorcycle.
motorsikletin looks like a flame, burning and beautiful: D

eheh :) dude, this motorcycle is 'firing' :D


mmm.. "icebound" I love that!
Thank you for commenting on my blog very often. ;)

The motorcycle is firing away all of the icebound parts of my soul as it starts to feel the new found adventure! :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Wow you have very beautiful bike.
I like bikes they are my dreams .
Your story is very nice .
Effective wording and that photography is also amazing .
I read all of your story parts and i am very happy to read it again .
Thank you @velimir

Look likes these ponies love you a lot.
Accept their love and give them love on my behalf :p
they are looking so pretty and beautiful, and the wheel you showed is looking like an antique piece.
I really love it.
Ice that has covered it looking like stones or you can say diamonds.
It's a wonderful photography @velimir, Sir.

Many beautiful photography is really awesome. You have shared some wonderful nice photography with me and it is like traveling. I have a very good follow-up to you and I like to post your post and try to post my title and it's very good I hope you will always do it for us. Thank you so much for a nice post

i'm a great admirer of marine and animal biologists. that's one of the occupations i always wish i had.I hope you'ld extend ur motorcycle travel tentacles to Nigeria wishing you all the best in your travelling series

Those ponies are adorable! I'd be happy as well to see them near me. 😊Just no hurting please 😂 But these ponies look tame and friendly.

Good travel story. if it's your bike, then you really like it with such a big bike. Are you a motorbike?

And the place was so cold it made him frozen. I can not imagine if I was there, very cold would have pierced the bone. @velimir

How cool is that?? I bet they remembered you from lunch .. Horses are a lot smarter then people think. They have great intuition . What a beautiful place though.. I love those big ole wooden wheels.. and I 'm surprised it didn't freeze.. But, i guess with the water moving all the time.. It wouldn't. Great red.. Thanks for sharing..

  ·  last year (edited)

What is more Beautiful, Your Bike or The Horse?
I think They Both are because One, completes Other.

Dear Sir, if you have free time, please visit my Blog.

your all photo very nice.i hope that,you enjoy your travel to nice place.your motor bike really wonderfull.this is a winter season photo.alots of snow some picture.this time i am stayed this place.i may drive motor bike for travel.thank u very much for your good post.. everything is perfect.. @velimir

I was waiting for motorcycle travel series 260 part....
A travel series is always enjoyable...I was reading your previous part of this series...

I always am exciting to read this travel series..

Now i am reading this ....@velimir

Thank you as always. Great pictures and great story along with it. Love the horses too. What country are you in please?


Croatia :)

I really love it that you always share your daily travelling experiences. Thanks alot for we learn alot. I love the bike.

  ·  last year (edited)

wow you always post a new starter and the pony is also very beautiful-especially when I see the motor that you carry is very cool. thanks for your post


I also love traveling. I believe it is a good work for increasing knowledge , fresh mind etc.

I really like it thatvyou talk about your daily encounter .
Thank you for this am good in riding too

I like dix pictures... the scenery is beautiful

Wow my friend you've got very stunning bike. Your story could be very satisfactory . Powerful wording and that images is also splendid .I examine all your tale elements and i am very satisfied to study it again .

I always love your adventures and specially on bike it looks more adventourous☺

Wow, this sounds like a really incredible experience! As a South-African, a frosty adventure is a fantasy not ever really experienced. Your photos truly do this fantasy justice!

wooow @velimir apparently you like a big motor

have a good trip man! Cheers from Romania!

images (1).png This is a Great article !! Keep them coming.. check out my profile. Would love to hear from you !!

Wow great work as always :)
keep on!

Great @velimir !
I´ll keep on reading your stuff, you got talent!!

Thank you so much for bringing us those memorable moments. Lots of love.

Hola. Me gusta la hilaridad con que llevas la serie. Suerte y sigo pendiente. Saludos.

Beautiful dreamy photo! And your bike looks awesome!

your amazing traveling I like too much

cool post the horses look so calm on the photo 😃