My Life Today: Visiting Wrocław in Poland

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I left Gdańsk Monday, April 30th 2018, and drove to Wrocław.

Wrocław, that is known in German as Breslau, is a city that has belonged successively to the Kingdom of Poland, the Kingdom of Bohemia, the Kingdom of Hungary, the Habsburg Monarchy, the Kingdom of Prussia, the German Empire, the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany. It only became part of Poland in 1945 after World War II. It had then a German population of 190,000 and a Polish population of only 17,000. These days there are only a handful of Germans in Wrocław.

I am unable to pronounce correctly Wrocław like the Polish people. listen

I arrived at my hotel at around 2:30PM. After putting my car in the underground garage, I was ready to eat.
There was a restaurant at the hotel, but nothing vegan. One of the waiters told me that there was a vegan restaurant on the Market Square, so I went to have lunch there.

Afterward, I visited the Market Square, that is one of the largest markets in Europe (213 m by 178 m). It includes buildings in its center, including two city halls.

East side of Wrocław old city hall

West side of Wrocław old city hall

There was a small guitar festival on the Market Square

Wrocław guitar festival

Even this statue was playing guitar!

Aleksander Fredro, playing guitar

This monument had been erected in Lviv in Ukraine, where Aleksander Fredro, a Polish playwright, died in 1876.
It has been move to Wrocław after World War II. I could not find any relation between Aleksander Fredro and Wrocław, so I have no idea why it has been moved there.

Wrocław new city hall

Pastel colored houses

My hotel was the Art Hotel that was occupying these two buildings, connected only on the ground floor.

Art Hotel in Wrocław

These buildings were first built in the XIVth century.


On Tuesday morning, I went for a walk in the city.

There are several tramway lines in Wrocław.

Tramway in Wrocław

I was surprised to find a branch of the French bank Crédit Agricole. Crédit Agricole started as a kind a cooperative for farmers at the end of the XIXth century. It is now a full fledged bank with branches worldwide.


Another square: Plac Solny


I was also surprised to see this sign: "Antiquités dans la cave' (Antiques in the basement). Why was this written in French? I have no idea and was not able to ask, as the stored was not open.


The Art Hotel has its own Wrocław dwarf, small figurines that were initially created to commemorate the Orange Alternative (a Polish anti-communist movement),

The Art Hotel's own Wrocław dwarf

After having lunch again at the same vegan restaurant, I drove to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

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Long vacation.
Kinda beat the summer trend early.
How many languages do you speak?
I know clearly you do speak French and English, German maybe?
Keep on steemin' overseas.


How many languages do you speak?

Just two.

Too bad I wasn't able to be there and meet you once again... Anyway, you took quite a nice sightseeing but you also missed some great places - maybe next time I will be able to show it to you by myself :)

Oh, and btw - this "small guitar festival" as you named it was, in fact, the trial before beating Guinness World Guitar Record. This is an annual event in Wrocław and this year song "Hey Joe" by Jimi Hendrix, was played together by 7411 guitarists :)


Indeed, a "small" guitar festival!

It looks like you made the most of your short time in Poland. The pictures are so nice. It feels like we are right there with you. I love seeing the contrast between the old city hall and the new city hall. Both buildings are absolutely beautiful. I love the colourful buildings. It really brings them to life. I can't wait to see the photos of the Czech Republic. I am sure that you will have an amazing time there.

It is my city ;-) I live here :-)

You can see map with dwarfs here (it is loading data slowly)
allmost all (one is on a tram so it is difficult to say where is now) :-)

I love the colourful buildings. It really brings them to life.Wanna to visit poland soon

I just love you for how you show me parts of the world through your lens. You sound so different from what I would have imagined 😲 In a good way though.

How about more photos of food next time? Asking on behalf of all the foodies following you religiously 😁

What do you thinking of my vlogging venture? I've done 3 videos so far this week, you're much welcome to have a poke around.


I think I am enjoying your vacation as much as you are! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

WoW that building is so beautiful! From 1 to 10 how enjoyable was your day 10 being the highest.

Thanks for sharing us how Wroclaw should be pronounced. If it was me, I'd think it was simply pronounced as row-claw, but the real one has some lip and tongue movement you have to get familiar with. 😁

Anyway, nice photos, @vcelier! Looking forward to your Czech Republic travel experiences. Cheers!

Wrocław... hometown of my wife. I always love to come back here as it has a lot to offer.

I can see there are many wonderful squares in Wrocław, where people can spend time and enjoy city vibe.

Hello there! I would like to explain to you what Fredro is all about. The statue of Aleksander Fredro, a national Polish writer, was created in Lviv in 1897. Lviv was located in Poland before the Second World War. After 1945, this land and the city became part of the Soviet Union, and now Lviv belongs to the Ukrainians. After the war, many Poles from Lwów were moved to Wrocław, which was a German city before 1939. The Soviet Union agreed to issue after 1945 Polish national monuments located in the city of Lviv and related to history and culture exclusively in Polish. So we have Fredro monument in Wrocław instead of Frederic William III statue.

In addition, Fredro knew Wrocław; he was here as a "young captain of Polish troops fighting alongside Napoleon", and in 1856 he reportedly came to Wrocław because he wanted to buy a property near the city.

How do you like food? Have you been to the famous vegan bar Krowarzywa? :)

Indeed you had a nice time out there.

oh my good! it looks so unreal that place, I live in South America the truth that we are very rich in many things, but we definitely do not see many things like that, I love their history, their culture, they are full of wonders everywhere

Going to visit Poland soon :)


I don't understand your question! I was in Poland this week for 3 days in Gdansk and Wroclaw.


I think what @mow is saying is that he or she is going to visit Poland.


Oh! Of course, this was not a question!

Sorry for the noise.


Ohh i meant like I am going to visit xD


oops this is from my 2nd account xD (MOW) is my other ACC

berslau ? like there is the world wide known city name and other native name .? so facinating and valuabal informations .thnks

Great photos :)

Cada país y ciudad tiene su estilo, la ciudad de Wrocław, sus edificios son con estructuras antiguas pero muy bonitos, grandes y muy bien conservados. Me alegra mucho que este teniendo un viaje muy agradable. Saludos!!!

just owo its really Beautifull Place..
ohh if i stay here..
nice photogtraphy my dear..
thanks to shareing
i wanna travel with you 😊😊😊😍