My Life Today: Meeting @fingersik and Visiting Prague, Czech Republic

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On Tuesday afternoon, May 1st 2018, the day my mother reached the venerable age of 97, I drove to Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic.

I have wanted to visit Prague for a long time, and fortunately, the Czech Steemian that I knew lives in Prague.
He is @fingersik (Matěj Krejčiřík). I am not sure exactly how to pronounce his first name, but I definitely will never try to pronounce his last name!

As he is working on his thesis for his bachelor degree, he was only available to meet me after 9PM.

So, at 9PM, he came to my hotel and we went to one of his favorite "underground" bar, that is on the 4th floor in an apartment building.

Matěj drinking beer in the underground bar

We talked for an hour and a half of various topics: his thesis, crypto moneys, our philosophy of life, etc...

On Tuesday, I took a guided tour. that lasted for more than 3 hours.

In addition to the guide, Diana, there were 5 other people: 2 men from India and 3 women from Medellín in Colombia. So, our guide gave the explanation in English for the men and in Spanish for the women.

We first took a bus to go to the Prague Castle.


We were just in time to see the changing of the guards.




Then we entered the castle an visited it.



Then, we visited Saint Vitus Cathedral, that is next to the castle.
In French it is known as the Cathédrale Saint-Guy de Prague.

Front of Saint Vitus Cathedral

Inside the cathedral

Side of the cathedral, with its clock with two dials: one for the hours and the other for the minutes

After the visit of the castle and the cathedral, going down the hill, we passed near a small vineyard, and we had a good view of Prague, the one hundred tower city.



Finally, we crossed the Vltava river on the picturesque Charles Bridge.

Charles Bridge

During the tour, our guide, Diana, told me that the Czechs were 85% atheists. That surprised me, but after verification, it seems that it is mostly true:

The Czech Republic has one of the least religious populations in the world with 75%[142] to 79%[143] of people not declaring any religion or faith in polls and the percentage of convinced atheists being third highest only behind China and Japan

This is a big contrast with all the countries that are around the Czech Republic (Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria) that are all more than 50% Christian.

After the tour, I was lucky to find a vegan restaurant where I had a late lunch at around 3PM.


And at night I saw again Matěj at my hotel for half an hour.

On Wednesday, I walked in the city.

Statue of Saint Wenceslas on Wenceslas Square

Near Old Town Square

saint Nicholas Church

Inside Saint Nicholas

For Lunch, I went to the same vegan restaurant, as I was unable to find another one that was close enough.

Like other cities that I visited during this trip, there are tramways in Prague.

Here is a car from the tramways that circulated until the seventies. It has been converted to a café.


And here is a tramway today.


At night, Matěj and me, we went to the same underground bar and we had our third meeting.


On Friday, I left Prague and drove to Budapest, in Hungary, where my wife arrived from Canada on Saturday.

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It was awesome to meet you! its shame that I didnt have time earlier every day so we could spend a bit more time together! See you and your wife next time:)


I was in Prague in about ten years ago to see Derek Trucks and Eric Clapton. I saw many of the same sights shown above, what a wonderful city. @vcelier has really been lucky with the weather on this trip!!!

This is an evenly European tour.
Got to see much of Europe even though you are from Europe.

nice paost and trip.
thank's for sharing us

The guy with the beer looks to be really enjoying his drink.


You bet I was:P


I bet this shaggy hippy had a case of what we call "cotton mouth" here in the states... :) Caused by a solid inebriant forcing the need for a taste of a liquid one. :P


Hell yes! I’ve heard that climbing 4 floors for the beer causes cotton mouth...


I wasn't sure if that would translate ;)


It doesnt but since you explained the term...:D

What a great experience!

I was surprised about the religion thing too. Seeing all the influence church has had on their architecture, one would imagine there would still be some influence of it among the people.

That has to be one of the best ways to get to know a place. Hopefully I'll be able to find people like @fingersik around here who can give me a hand when visiting a country!!


sure just let me know when youll visit Prague:)

Wow..awesome traveling..i really love to take photography of everything of luck..
upvote and resteemit.

You always have great posts with interesting content or great photos and you ar always on the hot list with your post. Great job , you have great ideas a lot of friends and many followers.

Nice day

Adventure in the city, prague is a city full of history and the photos are stunning

Every time I see Prague on here it makes me want to go so bad.

Wow, the images of the Cathedral are amazing!!! I was trying to figure out how many kilometres you have travelled now. You are definitely making the rounds. What a neat experience to be drinking in an underground bar. Back to the old prohibition days. Should be fun to have you wife join you for the remainder of your trip.

It looks like you have great travel plan for this spring! I visited Czech Republic several times, and I'm ready to come back again and again! And if talk about me, I liked not only Prague, but also others regions in Czech Republic! I wish you to have Great time in Czech Republic!

Unfortunately in the Czech Republic was not fortunate to visit, but still ahead.

Excelente fotografias.

The story of a trip that is far a very interesting story. many of the sights you get. maybe this is a special trip with your friends.

I am impressed with your photos I would like to travel in that way in order to know other cultures, I think that the more I know other people and cultures, I discover myself.
Do you really travel to all those places that you publish?
Thanks for sharing


Do you really travel to all those places that you publish?

I have gone to all the places that are in my two series "The Story of my Life" and "Mi Life Today".

But not to the places that are in the translations to English of posts in French (from @vincentleroy, @japon, @terresco or @marc-allaria).


One day for sure!