Osaka Castle - Japan

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How's it going Steemers??

I would like to share some photos from my time at the Osaka Castle in Japan.

This castle dates back to the 16th century and is one of Japan's most famous landmarks.

The castle is surrounded by a huge moat to keep out intruders.

We walked around checking out different viewing points of the moat

Then we decided to head into the compound.

Once inside you will quickly understand why this castle is a famous Japanese landmark! Once you enter the gates, you see the castle straight away and it is magnificent!!

The trees souronding the castle make for some nice photos😊

And a great spot to relax and take it all in with a beer or two 😉

Here is a great story I was told. In 1614 the Siege of Osaka went down at this castle. The occupants held off an army of 200,000 strong attackers and the castle clan were out numbered two to one. But with the moats surrounding the castle it kept the attackers at bay and were all defeated.

The following year they attacked again but this time they weren't so lucky. All inside the castle walls perished and the Osaka Castle was burnt to the ground.

The castle was once again rebuilt many years later and many more battles went down here over the years.

Here is a map of the layout of the castle and its surroundings.

One of the buildings near the castle is now filled with a theater, souvenir ships and little restaurants. But they also had a ninja shop where you can throw shiricans to win prizes.

It was alot like one of those carnie games you see in side show alley at the local carnival haha. Needles to say my ninja skills were on point this day 😊

Keep an eye out for some geisha that will pass by in the crowd.

There is also this amazing statue of Samurai Toyotomi Hideyoshi watching over the castle.

So if you ever find yourself in Osaka Japan, I highly recommend spending a day at the Osaka castle

Thanks for stopping by 😊
Happy travels

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Welcome! Looks like you have fun huh, Have you heard Oiran? it's really worth a try! Although the price is quite expensive (¥ 30,000+-), but I highly recommend it! If I remember correctly, you can reserve around the 29-30. Have fun!

Haha cheers for the heads up.

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wooaw, such a lovely castle in there with a lot of history. The feeling is always a great one when the scene is worth it and am glad you guys enjoyed it. I know i will enjoy it more one day if i happen to get there.
Lovely post and keep the travels up. #palnet #neoxian #creativecoin

It sure is a beautiful place 😊 thanks for stopping by

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You are welcome

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Awesome thank you very much @curie 😊😊

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Definitely on my list of venues to visit when I go to Osaka! That and Den-Den Town.

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Definitely worth spending half a day there!

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Awesome thank you very much 😊

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What a beautiful place! And it doesn't even look as crowded as I would have expected :) From the map it looks like a large complex so I can imagine that you can easily spend the whole day there..

Can you also enter the castle? I'm asking as you didn't share any photos from inside :)

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!

It sure is a beautiful place!
You can go inside the castle, inside they have a museum and it costs money to go in and the line up was rather long so we passed on that.
None the less we still had a great day there. Thanks for stopping by 😊

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Good information, very enriched with the photographs.
What I love was the Pit, incredible, it moves you to another time without a doubt.
The story that was destroyed and rebuilt is incredible.
Wonderful visit through you and your photos. Thank you
The game of nailing the stars is great, great ninja, LOL
Thanks Curie for sending me on a trip by selecting this information.

Buena información, muy enriquecida con las fotografías.
Lo que amo es el foso, increíble, te traslada a otro momento sin lugar a dudas.
La historia que fue destruida y reconstruida es increíble.
Maravillosa visita a través de usted y sus fotos. Gracias
El juego de clavar las estrellas es genial, gran ninja, jajaja
Gracias Curie por enviarme de viaje al seleccionar esta información.

It really is a beautiful place full of history!! Haha nailing the stars was alot of fun 😊 thanks for stopping by

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