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After all that finally well underway we started getting into some new habits...habits that we wanted to start of the day with playtime!! And what better way of morning play in Australia then ..... SURFING!


Mind you at the start I was a baaaddd surfer... and after all that traveling and regular water time I am a below average surfer ( not ashamed to admit it...still go out as much as I can and enjoy every second of it)


We got out every morning if we could and I would help out the kids and teach them the little I do know and beyond that we're learning together


The other habit is trying to spend as much time in nature as we can....wanna show my kids all of nature's glory, weirdness and wonders...
We try to incorporate homeschooling with our walkabouts and find and study animals wherever we find em....sometimes that's dolphins jumping over our surfboards or riding the waves next to us....and other times it's spiders...or some of these guys image

We found this coastal carpet when it threw itself out of a tree. We learned then that these fellas will climb up above a sleeping bat....then drop itself on the bat and in motion curl around it and crush the bat to death under it's weight of him falling with the bat on the ground. Then it takes about 2hours for the snake to fully eat the girls were mesmerized and watched the whole show up close. That night we made em write a recount. Their final conclusion was that snake poop is the worst they have ever smelled. ( I love how kids brains work!!!)

This first leg of the trip was slowly moving up the east coast and alot of trips inland into the rainforest hunting for deepwood and waterfalls ! image

The water at this waterfall was soooo cold my girls had a hard time committing to swimming out and joining me under the waterfall.

And then there is rainy days... luckily so far only a few of them and they were a small blessing..( eventhough rainy days in a caravan [email protected]#k!!)
Because the offered the perfect excuse to actually sit down and do schoolwork...the boring parts that is

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Very beautiful places you have been to. loved reading about the surfing and dolphins. We learn so much through play,it's so great allowing your kids to have such freedom in their learning, that's exactly how it should be. They are very capable of learning especially when we put our trust in them. Look forward to hearing more.

Agreed, I really wish I had been raised this way.

Don't we all?....but at least I can try and give them that

Looks amazing. Looks like a proper adventure for all of you.

It's quite the trip for sure

Snake poop is pretty gross. First snake I ever encountered as a kid was a rattler my Uncle Tom shot. I must have been 3 years old. I still remember the stank of gunpowder and snake offal. One of my earliest memories. So gross!

Yeah should've seen my girls faces when that smell hit them

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