Travel to Burgas (3) - Simply Beach and a Fish

in travel •  2 months ago


Beach Week ending soon

It is a pity that we need to travel back already soon - for the first time ever I would have stayed longer if possible. Here some shoots for my own Beach Wednesday without too much text as I realized my travel posts with history or other details might have been too much content in writing - a jellyfish on the beach really scared me a bit.




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Na das kommt glat in die TOP10 haha, gab ja ned wirklich viele Beiträge diese woche.. -.-


Danke danke!

How sad that beach time is coming to an end! I love that part of the Black Sea, I usually go to Sozopol, the beach in Burgas do not know it. Thank you for showing it to me.


Sozopol is an awesome city with a lot history, like it a lot too but not been on Sozopol beaches.


Yes, you are absolutely right about the city! The beaches do not rise to the beauty of the city ... but taken as a whole is a magical place.

Beautyful spot. With you a good travl back home !


Thanks my friend - last year we stuck at the airport for 36 hours as the airline had two broken airplanes and were not able to replace in time - fingers crossed this is not happening.

I was in sunny beach 2 times with my family.. it was a very nice surprise, i loved it


Yeah it is cool and still affordable in Bulgaria - sunny beach very crowded though. Next time let me know when you are here.


thx, I will


perfect, we will be there if all goes as planned in August 2019 again

All I can say is amazing. I feel relaxed looking at the last shot .. the lighting is fantastic. Taking this home with me. resteeming .. :)
Enjoy these moments as I know you are.

BTW: I have been stung by a jellyfish before, it hurts.


Thanks my dear for all - jellyfishes are really scary and hurtful ☢

It's always sad when beach time ends! Incidentally, I happen to like when you write about the history on your posts. I am sure that most people do.

Oh, jellyfish are no fun. One got down my bathing suit and I cannot even begin to tell you the dance I did with that one. Yikes!

I hope that there is another beach day in your near future. I absolutely love the beach in the winter. There is something magical about it, even then.

Upped and Steemed


Thanks Denise. A jellyfish also hit me this time but was only a minor touch, your experience sounds tragic 🤣.

Winter beaches agreed - soon i might show some.

The thing with writing and reading is a different topic I will touch on in a post soon I hope.

very atmospheric photos! well done!


Thanks @reinikaerrant - atmosphere is important indeed and I like to have a positive one.

@uwelang, In my opinion it's an great experience to explore the Beach because it's an great nature's piece.

And sea water holds amazing shine and it's really breathtaking to watch. And in my opinion the sound of waves are strong Music.

And yes that Fish is reflecting as hidden there and sometimes we can overlook it, and whoever will going to watch it for sure it will be an surprising aspect.

I hope that you've had an great time hear because this place is really amazing and day is also reflecting as pleasant.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Wäre jetzt auch gerne noch gerne am Meer nach diesen schönen Fotos :)


Dann mach Dich hin ans Meer, woran hängt es?


Ist sich diesmal während meines Bulgarien Aufenthalts leider nicht ausgegangen (zu viel zu tun gehabt), und alleine mag ich jetzt im Moment auch nicht hin ;)


Gib mal Bescheid wenn Du wieder einen Aufenthalt planst.

Beautiful place and scenery . Amazing photography. Thanks for sharing @uwelang


You are always welcome

it is very beautiful place! enjoy traveling

wonderful photography

Enjoyed your photos.


good to read!

Last summer we went to a beach in the Netherlands! There were plenty of jellyfish! I was looking where I walk instead of enjoying the sea! LOL

Enjoy the last moments of your trip!