Panorama & Scenes From a Sheltered Beach @ Praia Dona Ana, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

in travel •  5 months ago

Some more inviting shots from my trip to Lagos, Portugal. This is a small beach that is away from the main beaches, on the edge of a kind of peninsula - South of Lagos Marina.

This was my first introduction to the Algarve region and I got pretty sun burned on my back to my ignorant English challenge to the sun! :)

This panorama shows a nice overview of the area:

lagos beach panorama

Click the panorama image for the full size version

An old boat tours around the coast from the marina, giving a nice atmosphere of timelines colliding:

lagos - boat

The beach was pretty busy but not as busy as the main tourist/beach areas nearby. Thankfully, you can usually just walk for a few minutes to a more secluded beach area if that's what you prefer:

lagos - praia dona ana

This is Lagos from above, Praia Dona Ana is circled. I think it's a spot that not many visit much, but there are some nice gems hidden away from the main areas if you look. :)

portugal map - lagos

More to come soon.

Wishing you well,

Ura Soul

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Wow... Beautiful
Sorry about the sunburn.. Next maybe you should use sunscreen to protect your skin
Beautiful ocean
Ocean of passion

@ura-soul trust me :) Dona Ana beach is one of the most popular beaches in Portugal, maybe the most with Falésia beach in Albufeira region, maybe because of this people try to avoid


haha.. fair enough. It was a lot less busy when i was there than the others i visited.. but i am well aware that it's far from being secluded. i happened to be staying close to it and figured that mostly only people who were nearby would bother to visit since there are so many other, bigger beaches. i stand corrected! ;)


Anyway is also one of the most beautiful beaches ;) and you've made a good choice

Adding to my bucket list!!

I would be on the look for the more...

Sorry about the burn, try to stay indoor when the sun is shining at it peak...

Each time you mention Lagos, I always think it is Lagos Nigeria you are referring to... Smile


Oh yes, staying inside is a good idea - with air conditioning ideally! I am not used to the heat - it is a rare experience for me! It would have helped if I had used sun cream, but at that point I didn't. Thankfully, the pain stopped after a few days. :/

Nice beach enjoy Portugal

That's look like a must to visit, i think i will be there one having sunbath. aha!