Underwater Photography Challenge - WEEK 8 - Enter your #underwaterphoto & WIN!

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**PLAGIARISM NOTE:** The use of images that are not your own will be flagged and reported to @steemcleaners. Play fair. Share only your own creativity.

Underwater Photo Challenge: WEEK 8

The ocean is the support system of our entire planet. Let's give them some love and attention by showcasing the beauty of the underwater world to everyone using tag #underwaterphoto.

Past #underwaterphoto entries include...

(Credit: @gsm1974)

(Credit: @paniczklos)

(Credit: @leahlei)

#underwaterphoto weekly challenge:

I've launched Steemit's first #underwaterphoto weekly challenge with a reward of 1 SBD to the chosen winner each week.

Here's how to win the 1 SBD this week:

Every Monday EST, I will post the new weekly challenge for underwater photography submissions that will be open for 7 days. The prize for the winning photo each week is 1 SBD.

STEP 1: Submit the best underwater photo you took during your travels in the COMMENTS section along with a short description (30-50 words max please).

STEP 2: Upvote and re-steem this post using #underwaterphoto to help the challenge grow and develop.

STEP 3: The following Monday, 7 days after the weekly challenge release, I will select the best underwater picture and the winner will receive 1 SBD. As the contest grows, I hope to increase the prize payouts.

This week's challenge runs May 29th - June 4th, 2018.

Happy creative trails everyone!

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Diving off St. Maarten 2012.


This friendly school of Grunts was following me around a reef for an entire dive. I loved the vibrant yellow coloring.

Canon SD850 IS, f/4, 1/125 ISO80, 12mm



Nice! Thanks for entering : )


Congrats! You tied as a winner this week so the 1 SBD is split between the two top entries. Please submit to this week's contest at https://steemit.com/travel/@underwaterwoman/underwater-photography-challenge-week-9-enter-your-underwaterphoto-and-win. Thanks!