Underwater Photography Challenge - WEEK 7 - Enter your #underwaterphoto & WIN!

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**PLAGIARISM NOTE:** The use of images that are not your own will be flagged and reported to @steemcleaners. Play fair. Share only your own creativity.

Underwater Photo Challenge: WEEK 7

The ocean is the support system of our entire planet. Let's give them some love and attention by showcasing the beauty of the underwater world to everyone using tag #underwaterphoto.

Past #underwaterphoto entries include...

(Credit: @paniczklos)

(Credit: @gsm1974)

(Credit: @leahlei)

#underwaterphoto weekly challenge:

I've launched Steemit's first #underwaterphoto weekly challenge with a reward of 1 SBD to the chosen winner each week.

Here's how to win the 1 SBD this week:

Every Monday EST, I will post the new weekly challenge for underwater photography submissions that will be open for 7 days. The prize for the winning photo each week is 1 SBD.

STEP 1: Submit the best underwater photo you took during your travels in the COMMENTS section along with a short description (30-50 words max please).

STEP 2: Upvote and re-steem this post using #underwaterphoto to help the challenge grow and develop.

STEP 3: The following Monday, 7 days after the weekly challenge release, I will select the best underwater picture and the winner will receive 1 SBD. As the contest grows, I hope to increase the prize payouts.

This week's challenge runs May 21st - May 28th, 2018.

Happy creative trails everyone!

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It's hard to get the lighting just right to pick up the colors on fish, but this beauty posed perfectly for me to get this shot.


This was January 2015 in St. Lucia and the camera was a Canon SD-850 IS, 1/60 sec. @ f4, ISO-200


Angelfish <3! Lovely :)