Exploring an abandoned amusement park.

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Spree park was an amusement park in Germany that opened in 1962.


It was open for visitors for many years but closed in 2001, after the owners tried to smuggle 167 kilos of cocaine from Peru inside their ride called "the flying carpet".

As an urban exploring enthusiast, I must say this is one of the coolest abandoned places I have visited so far.

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When I visited Spree park in 2016 the place had already been abandoned for 15 years.

It is located in the forest right outside Berlin, so after walking in the woods by a river for a while we could see the big and rusty Ferris wheel majestically over the park.

Lucky for us somebody had already cut a hole in the fence, so we did not have to climb over as we assumed we had to.


All the buildings were falling together with trees growing through them, and everything else was partly covered in moss.

We were chilling out in hot-dog stands and found old maps of non-existing places. We made art on abandoned buildings and smoked joints in old-school car rides.

_MG_4282 (1).JPG

Exploring abandoned places like this is illegal because it is private property, so you have to watch out for any sounds or abnormalities.

As the Ferris wheel was so rusty that it screamed in the wind, it gave the whole place a creepy vibe and the adrenaline was felt for sure.
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After we met some other people inside the park that was also there for exploring, I think we made to much noise and the police were called.

We were standing inside a circus hall when we heard a dog barking and a policeman screaming "come out of there!"

My friend's an mine's first reaction was hiding against the wall standing still. And lucky for us they did not see us, just the other people we had just met.

What happened to them I do not know. Hopefully, they got away or with just a fine or something.

We hid inside the large hall for an hour before we had to sneak out of the park not knowing if the police were still there.

It was an adventure I do not regret, and we got out of the amusement park and forest with no problem in the end!

Did you ever explore any abandoned places?

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That was a fantastic story. It reminds me of all the dumb stuff we used to do when we were young.

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Thank you, @professorbromide for the good words and the resteem. It is one of many dumb things I have done that I do not regret at all! :)

You are welcome. I'm looking forward to hearing about your next adventure.

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awesome =)