Catching up with old friends

in travel •  9 days ago


Me and my friend meeing up with an old uni friend we haven’t seen for 5 years! It’s lovely sometimes to revive old connections and see what everyone has been up to.



We hung out in shoreditch for a bit and had a couple of free cocktails thanks to the ‘dusk’ app. I don’t teally drink maybe one max and often swop mine for water hahaha but it’s a good app for people who like a few cocktails as you can just redeem the free drink each day in various bars around London.





I loved this feature wall in one of the bars and thinking of creating something similar from all my own photographs I’ve taken over the years... maybe not naked guys tho! Haha

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Always good to catch up with old friends especially when the years apart just fad and it's like when you last met. Cracking 💯🐒

Old friends really are good