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RE: What life changing E-mail are you waiting for?

in #travel5 years ago (edited)

This write-up is top-notch, you have practically inspired me with this. I appreciate the fact that you wanted to try out something New for yourself and it turned around to open you to another Life which opened new Doors for you. I personally think people who have always been contemplating on trying out new things should read your story up, They definately would get the required motivation to follow through.

Thanks for this, Skoolielove.


I really appreciate your comment, much love!! ✌️💕

Thank you!! So glad that you found it inspiring. That's what I'm trying to accomplish through writing and sharing my story. Pass it on!

Make it a great day!

You are welcome.

Noticed you are very good at carrying people along with your write-ups. I feel you can also engage us with posts about places you have visited.

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