Hey friend, i am new in already downvote my some post.i don,t know what,s my problem..
please clear this..even my native language not english and can be some comment not related on topic..but you can.t punished ..

please consider my time i avoid this issue..please withdraw your down vote my friend...

You are putting 'spam' comments on tons of posts. Someone asked you to stop already and you said they were not spammy comments and continued anyway. Please refrain from meaningless spammy comments all over everyone's posts. It's customary to contribute value to posts through your comments, not to just get attention in hopes someone will follow or upvote you.

If you make valuable contributions, you will naturally get followers and upvotes.

yes my friend i totally understand this my fault time avoid this my all spammy post..please withdraw flag my friend..actually little bit idea have about steemit rules..please consider my case...