Norway Part 3: Murderino Family

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So, I did promise y'all a family secret in part one that I definitely didn't deliver in part 2 because I'm the worst! I also forgot until I re-read the masterpiece that is part one...just sayin. :)

Before we get into the good stuff, here's a picture of me having beer in Norway and wishing that I could have a beer on this car ride :)

So let me start this off by saying that I am a die hard (no pun intended) Murderino. I love true crime shit and definitely have listened to endless hours of my favorite podcast (My Favorite Murder...go subscribe and listen to that shit right now if you've never heard of it!). I'm currently road tripping with a friend (like actually writing this while sitting in a car, I don't know how I'm not throwing up) who is equally obsessed with this pod cast, because I only surround myself with greatness.

Well- it's a good thing that I don't hide this weird shit about myself. Why you ask? Well, I have a cousin (second?) who is one of those amazing people who keeps our ancestor website up to date, like right when a child is born he adds them. He knows literally all the things. He's one of those "man of few words" types which makes this even better because once he realized how into family lineage and true crime I am, he immediately lit up. He opens up his computer and starts showing me our family tree.

Fun facts I learned about my family:

  1. Kongerekke- I am related directly to the first 37 kings of Norway. I'm still related to them today but not in a direct line.

  2. Crazy Viking/Pirate life: Cristoffer Trondsson Rustung- I can't remember the exact relation but I'm assuming a very far removed cousin of some sort. But, pretty cool shit- google him. He was a thief and a killer!

After an hour or so of learning all sorts of family things, I finally decided to ask bluntly about any murderey family members. To my happiness (don't judge me), he had a story for me.

Johan Konrad Jonsen is the First cousin twice removed to my second cousin (the cousin telling me this story). Jonsen ended up moving to Canada and after being accused of murder by a neighbor, becomes known as the mad trapper of rat river. If that fucking name isn't enough for you, don't worry- I have more for. Their is a movie, A MOVIE, made about him. A movie with Charles Bronson called Death Hunt. After talking with some other family members about this, it seems to be kind of split feelings about Johan. Some of them say he killed in self defense, some say that he is the murderer that he's made out to be and some won't really talk about it. My cousin just sent me the video so I haven't been able to watch it yet, but I'm sure I'll have some sort of feelings after seeing it.

It's like reading the book before seeing the movie- you know all these things from the book that don't end up making it into the movie. Except this time, it's not a book but my family telling me all these details passed down from generations. I'll be sure to report back after I watch.

Do any of you have cool family lineage/true crime stories?

Cheers to the Steemers who are also into this and actually read through this post- Live your true crime loving lives, Steemians!

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HAHAHA! I didn't know this. This must mean that I'm related to this psycho too!

Ah! Fellow murderino! Hello! That's such a crazy story. Have you sent it into​ K&G yet?


Yasssss, murderino friend! I haven’t sent it in yet- I’m the worst! I’ll have to do that soon!!