Norway Part 2: The Girl With The Lower Neck Tattoo

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It's weird how you can grow up your whole life not knowing half or even a quarter of the people that are your family. I was 20 when I decided I knew too little about who I was. Two years of Norwegian language and Scandinavian studies later, I went to Norway. The country my grandparents were born. Now I'm 27 and I can't even remember what my life was like without this amazing family of mine and my undying love for a country I didn't know until I was 22.

I can't believe it's been 4 years since I've been to Norway- it felt like no time had passed. I don't know how I'm going to be able to describe even a fraction of what I was feeling being back there. It's like everything I am falls perfectly into place and I'm surrounded by so many people who truly care about family. I can be exactly who I am. Which let's be honest, is always 100% classy... :)

So here I am- home, sweet home.

Norwegian highlights from the girl with the lower neck tattoo:

1.) Stavanger street art:


2.) Byrkjedal, all of it.


3.) Crazy nights out with my million cousins, roommates and complete strangers:


4.) Norsk gas station cheeseburgers. If you haven't had one, you've never enjoyed life...


And other Norwegian foods, obviously.


And of course JuleMarsipan, which I will not put a picture of because y'all will buy it all out.

5.) Surprise family reunions that make me cry in public and continuously question why I don't live in Norway yet:


6.) Reuniting with some of the most amazing humans that I went to school with 4 years ago in Bø.


Cheers to the amazing people I have in my life and the fact that I am able to see them by solely buying a plane ticket. I am so lucky and thankful.

So Steemians, don't forget about the people that have changed your life: past, present and future.
And, of course, don't forget to take selfies with your mama!

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Come back to me, cousin!


I wish!! :(

Very cool! Glad you enjoyed Norway :)


I think it's impossible not to enjoy Norge!
Thanks for reading- looks like you're quite the traveler yourself!