Norway Part 1: 47 Years Of Catching Up To Do

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So, it has finally happened. Remember that post from June about taking my mom on a surprise Norwegian adventure (you better read that post to catch up first!), well that adventure has come and gone- and I can't believe it's already over! My mom was reunited with her aunts, uncles, cousins and everyone in between after 47 years.

If I knew how to add the video of her finding out, it would be right here. Guess you'll have to use your imagination because technology has won this battle.

To help with that image- I don't know where I get the crying trait from because my mom can hold her shit together so well, while I definitely cornered the waitress and cried while asking her to put the plane tickets in our bill. Welcome to my life.

Here we come Norge!


Some of the highlights for Ma (in her own words, of course) pre Norway and during:

1.) To the blanket and pillow Delta provided on the flight, "Holy shit, you think they'll let me take this with me?" (she actually shed more tears for that than when I told her we were going to Norway). Thanks for upstaging me, Delta...


2.) The many, and I mean many, waterfalls in the mountains on our drive up to Byrkjedal. "Pull over, pull over! I need to get a picture!" The roads up to Byrkedal leave no room for this pulling over business and her moving car waterfall pics didn't make it, but I somehow took this beauty from the backseat in between my carsick bouts (don't forget your Dramamine at home!)


3.) The magic that is Norwegian food: "Give me your kålrabistappe." You should probably google this and make it immediately.

(PSA: Norwegian food is clearly going to be more than 1 of the highlights...)

4.) "Julemarsipan! Julemarsipan! Julemarsipan!" Possibly some dancing involved. (AKA: Christmas Marsipan- my most favorite Norwegian Christmas treat as well, thanks Mom)

5.) Since we always save the best for last here...


This beautiful surprise family reunion that my most favorite and beautiful cousin, @susanne , planned for us. If you didn't start crying after the food pictures, this is your last opportunity.

Mom reunited with her aunts and uncles!

Those are the favorites of Nancy herself in her wild Norwegian adventure. She listed many more, but hey, creative freedom man!

Norge Part 2 coming soon:
Teaser- VIP seating in Norsk bars (because clearly that's the only place for me), knitting and a big family secret may be involved. All together? Separate? I guess you'll have to wait for my next post to know!

Try to be as patient as Holiday Tom!

Cheers and happy steeming, ya filthy animals! (If you don't know this reference, watch Home Alone- which happens to be my favorite movie title when translated to Norsk: Hjemme Alene)

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I looooved havig you here!


Me too- miss you @susanne !!!!!

Fantastic!!! You may look into my travel serie named ''If We Look From the Viewpoint of Art History''. @atakanoz


Thanks for sharing, @atakanoz - I'll have to take a look!

By the way, @kariofthenorth is now on Steemit!!!