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This is San Gimignano. It’s south of Florence. I had to take a train to Poggibonsi, then find the right local bus to San Gimignano, then walk two kilometers to my campground.

It’s a medieval city on a hill, like a lot of old Italian cities, but it’s known for its towers. The rich families back then got into a bit of a “My tower is bigger than your tower” competition and now you have this charming town.

A lot of the landscape photos are taken on the walks to and from my campground. The area felt like a preview to what heaven could be like.

The photo below isn’t doctored at all. Even the the photos That have filters don’t capture the ridiculous beauty of the walk between town and campground.

Entrance to campground. You can see the towers in the distance.

Next are photos of the restaurant area of the campground. I stayed in a mobile home room. It was nice and cozy.

On the first night they had a live band and DJ at the out door restaurant. My room was only about 40 meters away from it. Many of the campsites were even closer. It was really out of place to have this (horrible) rock show on the outdoor deck. The music blared until 1130at night. It was Wednesday night! The sites were occupied by older couples and families. Weird.

This is the view from my dinner table...

And the view if I looked slightly left. That’s the towers of the town in the distance and the DJ on the deck. It was so annoying, you don’t go camping for a club vibe, so weird...

This is a view from the walls of the town...

It was near this spot...

And that spot was looking a different direction in the same spot...

Town piazza...

The twin towers where legend says the architect of the twin towers in NYC got his idea. hmmm...

More looking down from the town...

Another shot of the main piazza. I took the pics early in the morning when the tourists were asleep or on their way. The only people around were delivery men driving around in their trucks dropping off food to restaurants...

This is a cafe just outside the walls. I sat and had a cafe latte while using their wifi. Remember, if you order a latte in Italy, you get a cup of milk. It cafe latte, coffee milk. And yo don’t order an espresso, you simply order “cafe.” They take it as a given that it a shot of espresso...

Not only did the dining area have this spectacular view of the Tuscan countryside, but the bathroom window did as well. Polar opposite of bathrooms in India! LOL! Talk about about a peaceful place to relax while doing your business...

The owners here were extremely nice. They make their own bread every morning...

Finally, this church and cemetery were across the street from my campground and down a short drive. The rainbow was a double rainbow at one point. I burst out laughing when I saw the rainbow because I was sitting at dinner thinking that the view couldn’t possibly get any more fantastic. The view was turned all the way up to level ten Fantastic, maximum fantastic. That’s when Tuscany pulled a Spinal Tap and said, “Yes, but ours goes to eleven.” ...

!steemitworldmap 43.4668 lat 11.0446 long San Gimignano, Italy: There’s goes to eleven d3scr


Steemit sucks unless you ve whales supporting all your posts.

Old city of concrete towers, looks like a great place to dwell in. Nice work, it's obvious the stay was historic.

Thanks. It is old and there are towers. I don’t think it would be easy living inside the walls, too inaccessible.

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Italy is the best..are you going to Rhodes? Liz and I were there for a day last year and think we want to retire there.

This was one of my most favourite small city in that area together with Volterra!

Two of my favourite places when we visited Tuscany as well :)

Lovely photos and story. Thanks for sharing.
Brings back so many great memories, we stayed for a week in a little winery just outside San Gimignano. The winery itself was a tiny little converted medieval village! There was the annual medieval fair on in San Gimignano while we were there.. so much fun to join in.

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