Where to Stay in Lovina Beach Bali?

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Where to stay in Lovina Beach Bali?

Lovina Beach is such a beautiful place in Bali. Most know Lovina Beach because of the dolphin watching tours, which are amazing. However, Lovina Beach is not just that. It offers tranquil accommodations away from crowded Kuta, Canggu, Seminyak etc. Lovina Beach is the great Bali escape! Local culture, food, hospitality and black, yes you heard me right, black sand beaches. We have compiled a list of the best accommodations where to stay in Lovina Beach Bali. Starting from great budget hotels to villa like luxury, there’s is something for any taste.

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Budget accommodation in Lovina Beach Bali

Gede Homestay

Gede Homestay is right on the beach! Literally!

Gede Homestay is as budget as it gets. It costs roughly EUR 8 ($10) for two people per night including breakfast. Well, that is a budget deal! And the room is private with a private bathroom. And the wifi works! The people managing the hotel are the sweetest we have met. We spend every evening sitting with them, singing songs, drinking beer and chatting about life. The owner even took Kris to the local doctor because he had an infection in his elbow. A very, very kind action. The location of Gede Homestay is perfect, right on the beach. You can spend the day at the black sand beach and be home within 30 seconds, perfect. Thus, this place is a great budget deal.

Villa Jaya

For such a cheap price you even get a pool!

Villa Jaya has a pool and breakfast included in the price, which is EUR 15 ($17) for a night per double room. You will also have a nice terrace to relax in the evening. Villa Jaya is located right next to the beach and in a really quiet area in Lovina, so this is a perfect budget place to escape the crowds of Bali.

The Hamsa

Your own bungalow with a sea view!

The Hamsa is just a gem for the price of EUR 21 ($23) You get a private bungalow with a sea view. On top of that, they have an infinity pool for you to relax in. The location is a bit out of the city, but it is a bonus if you are looking for a secluded place to enjoy the nature and the views.

Value accommodation in Lovina Beach

Villa Lumbalumba

A great value option built in the local style.

Villa Lumbalumba offers beautiful spacious rooms with a huge outdoor patio that would fit 6 people. For EUR 26 ($29) per night for two you will get a great breakfast included and the most helpful staff there is. They will recommend the best places to eat and what to see around. Also, this Villa has some amazing outdoor seating and chilling areas where you can hide from the midday heat or just enjoy a great book. The whole area is very clean and well kept, which makes you feel like living in a tropical paradise.

Pandawa Village

Tranquil location in the middle of lush greenery!

Pandawa Village offers private bungalows for their guests. And the bungalows are new, clean and well equipped. Each bungalow has a huge bathroom with 2 sinks and a typical Balinese open shower. The whole area is surrounded by rice fields as far as you can see. You can order an outdoor massage with a view of the rice fields, I think there is nothing more relaxing than that. One night stay costs EUR 40 ($44) and it is a great value for the treatment you get. And, of course, breakfast is included in the price. In the evening, when they turn on the lights, the ambiance is unbeatable.

1000 Dream Bungalow

Beautiful outdoors bathroom makes you feel as a part of nature!

1000 Dream Bungalow is exactly as the name indicates. Like a 1000 dreams come true. We were so surprised by the beautiful outdoor bathroom with a bathtub, such a great feature. They have a pool even though the location is rights on the beach. This place is like a mini resort because you can book all your trips here and get great massages as well. The price is EUR 40 ($44) per night and EUR 48 ($52) if you want a breakfast.

Luxury accommodation in Lovina Beach Bali

Villa Teman

Beautiful night swim awaits you!

This villa is something of a dream. EUR 116 ($144) per night per 4 people with two private bedrooms and a private swimming pool. The villa is 200 m2 big! It is spotlessly clean and very modern. It is a fully serviced villa so the staff is there to assist to any of your need. Also, you will have a beautiful breakfast prepared fresh every morning. As most of the accommodations in Lovina, it is located right on the beach. This villa is great if you are looking for something bright and modern.

Lata Lama

Lata Lama has such an interesting design!

Lata Lama is our personal favorite. This private villa has so much character. It is created in a classic Balinese “campung” style, it is very unique. Lata Lama has 3 bedrooms and fits 6 people. If you are coming with a family this is a great option. Nightly price is EUR 200 ($248) but it is well worth the price. Also, the breakfast is served fabulously. We absolutely love places, which are created as one of a kind and this place is exactly it. The gardens around the villa are so well kept, and the bathroom … don’t get me started! AMAZING! Every room is made with a stylistic touch so the pictures don’t do justice.

The Damai

A beautiful mix of classic and Balinese style.

The Damai garden villa will leave you speechless. Infinity pool, great breakfast, and so much privacy. For EUR 142 ($174) per night, you get so much luxury. This villa is meant for 2 people, so it would be a great honeymoon escape or perfect if you are looking for a secluded location. The Damai villa is situated quite far away from the city and the beach, in the middle of the tropical jungle. Thus, if that is what you are looking for, The Damai is the perfect place. The villa is made of a mix of modern and Balinese styles with beautiful touches of black tile and redwood. It is absolutely classic. It might not have as much character as Lata Lama, but it is very sophisticating in many other ways.

So where to stay in Lovina Beach Bali?

All of these places are great options to consider depending on your budget and vacation plans. However, I can personally testify that the staff is absolutely amazing in all of these accommodations and you will be treated like a royalty either you are staying for $10 or $100 per night. Indonesia really has some great value accommodations to offer so I am sure it is hard to decide on where to stay in Lovina Beach Bali. As a result, you will not go wrong with either of the places!


If you are just planning your Bali trip now, you have to know how to travel on a budget, as there are so many ways to avoid unnecessary spendings. Bali is a great place to learn how to haggle and be considerate before booking any tours or trips. A great way to get closer to becoming an experienced traveler!


As always, let us know if you have any questions at all!

Safe travels!

Love you all!

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