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Hey there travel family! Hope that you are ready for yet another one of our travel vlogs!

This time we have taken our road to the beautiful Greek island - Crete. Gonna spend 2 days riding along the rocky costs and exploring the island - ROAD TRIP! Even though, the weather is a bit overcast - we will still show you the beauty of this special Greek island (unfortunately, not the touristy side - but that’s what you are here for hehe).

Let us know if you liked this vlog and would love to see more these kind of vlogs!

Love you all!

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Gracias por compartir.
Es muy auténtico el vídeo.


Gracias por tu buen comentario!

Get off the beaten track and explore Crete! It's was great seeing you on Instagram too driving that Fiat hahaha :)


Awww, yess! Omg, driving that very luxurious damn fast road beast was something!! ;D But to be honest, I bumped into a high walkway when trying to park and scratched the undercarriage pretty bad ;D Had to pay 330 EUR. :D Because our excess was 500, stupid me who said no to zero excess ;D


Ah sorry to hear that happened! That's a really a shame, yet in the end you're lucky to save on those Jordan tickets as that scratch fee is probably around the price of a normal flight to Jordan for two from Crete. You live and learn.

Wow there are cars in the villages??? This is like a dope action flick. Love it!! I'm definitely coming to Crete after seeing this..