Travel to Karambar Lake, Photography

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Hello Ladies and Gentle man: Travel to Karambar lake That is the larges biological lake of the world.Amazinf scene That I can find There, lush green valley giving way to snow clad mountains which are covered with snow the year round, and in the middle of that amazing valley,Water of that lake is to much cold and is very shaing It looks ,like water od Sea but water is to much cold






so? where's the lush green and snowy mountains?
reminds me of my uncle whenever he wants to take me to mountain climbing, he speaks of the wonders we would see but when we get there it's usually one tree with a patch of grass under it. ;D

Nice! Let me know when u have more blogs like this!

Dear @knircky Soon I will post More thanks for Upvoting my post
I wish you Health and wealth

Lovely place, please where is karambar lakes?

hello stemian!!!!
your post is very interesting @travellingwoman, I like your posts and I am happy to meet you, please give upvote on my blog to help my account

Thanks for the tour!

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