Florence .. oh it’s so pretty like it’s name 🌸

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This is an iconic sight in Florence

(Description from Wikipedia)
David is a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture created in marble between 1501 and 1504 by the Italian artist Michelangelo. David is a 5.17-metre (17.0 ft)[a] marble statue of the Biblical hero David, a favoured subject in the art of Florence.[1]

The Michelangelo was right near my hostel just along the cobbled beautiful streets ..

But before that let’s go back to the beginning ...

Leaving Venice on the interrail heading down to Florence and it was throwing it down !! But by the time I got off the train it was bright blue skies just a few puddles to get through with my case !! Luckily I found my hostel quite quickly , settled in a 8 bed mixed dorm and headed out to have a look around and get my bearings :)




And I walked straight into this ... ^^^

Wow 🤩!! What a stunning building !! Also called
Duomo stands right in the centre of the square ! Just the colours are so beautiful ! I was so so lucky to have this opportunity to see so many beautiful cities in one go !!

I wandered round with my mouth wide open for some time just taking it all in ... but then decided it was time for food :)! I wandered for a bit longer and heard music being placed in the next square along so headed to a restaurant with all its windows open and asked for a table for 1!!
( doesn’t bother me when I have my kindle !)


I decided to order a calzone and I was totally right too !!! It was divine ^^^



The next day I planned to go to pisa !!! Because you can from Florence on the bus how cool is that :)!!

I got a bus to pisa the following morning ... it’s not far out the city and the buses are really easy to find !
When you arrive at Pisa .. it’s all sign posted to the main event !! But to be fair they isn’t much else there apart from the tower :) it’s beautiful though!full of tourists! Which didn’t Surpise me at all not in the height of summer anyway!
So I properly walked half a mile ... turned the corner ... and




Ta Daaaaa!!!!

It’s so hard to get the pictures you want when you travel alone because you have to 1. Buck up the courage to ask someone in the first place and 2. Be confident enough to do the pose/style you want to capture in front of a stranger !!! I did take a selfie of me holding it up though ! Not quite the same but here it goes ...



And that’s pretty much it ! I did stick around to have a quick pizza for lunch and to grab a souvenir!! I don’t think I’ve told you about my obsession with collecting shot glasses !!! Il show you later on in the blogs I do!!!

I headed back and saw some awesome things going back into Florence

Like ...






Everything is just so beautiful in Italy reminiscing over these blogs makes me so determined to go back ( to show the boyfriend!)

Anyway back to food haha!!!


Gelato is honestly the best thing in Italy 🇮🇹 and it was just so hot 🥵 and everytime you walked past such beautiful colours and flavours you just couldn’t help it !!!

Ok back to some touristy stuff ... you will have to bare with me on some of these blogs because I did these trips a few years back so names and what I order I did things in might be a little muddled but you can see my experience here and hopefully want to go explore for yourself !!!

Next stop my mum and dad actually told me I had to go visit as they had been in the May and said it’s a must !

Il find out the name and tell you by the end of this blog but I’m on a roll and don’t want to stop my writing flow !!

but be prepared to walk miles !! But the sights are soooooo worth it from the top you get to see the whole of Florence. The gardens are just so peaceful and beautiful. If you like exploring you’ll love the afternoon I had up in the clouds - that’s what it felt like anyway !!!!
Ok ok il show you some pictures ...







Too cute isn’t it !!? You’ll get completely lost !! I saw totally different things to what my parents saw ! But that’s the fun in exploring ... to get your own photos to have your own stories :) !!

this was incredible



And a cute little garden with water fountains to peer into! It’s like when you used to visible the little secret gardens in your children’s book! Or is that just me!


Anyway I walked back down to the city as was getting late in the afternoon and I’d got a ticket to go inside the Michelangelo museum that I shown you a picture of at the beginning!! I recommend getting the skip the line ticket from the Internet and just have a mobile ticket as you’ll be queuing for ages as it’s right near my hostel so I saw the queues forming everyday!

I was properly in there any hour or so looking at all the history of Florence ... you have to go to see David so I won’t tell you too much info !! But a couple of pictures as I love having the memories of the places I visit ...








The final day I had a little look at my map and found some different churches to go look at and just had a wander round the square again before leaving ...
it was national fizz day so I treated myself to a glass and to go with it a beautiful tiramisu in the square watching the world go by ... love people watching!









il finish this post on a few more food items of lunches and dinners and generally just me treating myself, watching the world go by and reading my kindle over food




Ok .. 1 more!! And this is me sitting up on the roof Terrace at my hostel watching the perfect sunset ... I had to pinch myself just to feel how lucky I was to experience this ...


Tune in soon for Rome can’t wait

Thanku for reading

Much love
Kate xxx