Viva Mexico!! 🌶️🌮🌯🎸💃

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My husband and I have been to Mexico more times than years we've been together. WE LOVE IT. We even honeymooned there last year. 😘❤️ It's a quick(ish) 5.5hr flight to Cancun from where we live, and after travelling so much the past few years we know how to pack for a week in just a back pack. NO CHECKED LUGGAGE FOR THESE TWO!

So when my sister suggested a vacation to Mexico last month it didn't take much for us to say hell ya! 👍 It was off-season there and the forecast said thunderstorms for the entire week, but here's the thing about 'off-season in Mexico - the rain will roll in, pour for 10-15 minutes, and then it'll look like this...


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"off-season" I'll take it 😍

Everyday it would rain a little and then the clouds would clear and it would be 38° again. The flights AND resorts are cheaper in the off-season, so if you're planning to go then don't let a little rain scare you :):)

However, there was one negative to our trip.

All. The. Seaweed.

I don't think this had anything to do with the season, it is just something that is happening right now all over Mexico. I never took a picture of it while I was there, but found this shot online...


Aside from that everything was amazing, as usual. The weather, the food, the tequila (oof!) - we are already planning our next trip :)




Thanks for reading and happy traveling! :):)

Jen 🍷


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Traveling is one of the best thing to do in life it make people feel happy and to see the world

So, on the mean time, it's better to spend time in the swimming pool than on the beach.

Good to know that you can save yourself some decent money by travelling "off season" and still having a great time - it pays to do your research 😁

I’m from Brazil living in Florida and super excited to visit Mexico for the first time. My friend is from Playa Del Carmen and we’re going to spend ten days there. It should be fun. Hopefully not so much seaweed :) Thank you for sharing your experience with us!!!