The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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One thing that was on our list of things to do while in LA was to go to Universal Studios. I had been once before when I was 14, but certain rides have retired (Back to the Future, ET, etc.) and new rides have taken their places. The thing I was excited most for the Harry Potter attraction! I am a no shame, serious fan of the books and movies and was pretty giddy once we got to the park.

Eeeee so excited!



If you're a fan, then you know that to become a true wizard or witch you first need a wand. Where do you get a wand?!?!?!




What was cool about Olivanders is that they pulled out all the stops. They limit the amount of people allowed in the store at a time (there was a BIG line), and once you're inside you're made to feel like you're really buying your first wand. I'm sure this sounds cheesy to most people,


True HP fans will understand 🙌🙌🙌

You'll also want to make sure you go on the main attraction. But keep in mind that it's a 3D flying simulator ride, so if you get motion sick easily you should probably pass on this one! The line is long, but it takes you through cool spots like Dumbledore's office, a Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, and to the stairwells with the talking portraits. This ride is worth the wait, trust me!



Mirror of Erised

"Men have wasted away before it, not knowing if what they have seen is real, or even possible."
—Albus Dumbledore explaining the danger of the mirror to Harry Potter

If you're visiting Universal Studios in Hollywood any time soon, DON'T SKIP THIS PART!

Thanks for reading muggles! ;)

Jen 🍷


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You guys went to Universal Studios!! That is awesome! I bet the Harry Potter area was so good!
I haven't been there since I was a kid! The Back to the Future and ET rides were so good! I bet they are replaced with great stuff though!

Did you do the Jurassic Park ride!? 😉
Is that still there?
That and ET were my favs, back in the day!

Take care.


Jurassic is still there but the coolest parts of it were broken so it was kind of boring :( Back to the Future is now the Transformers ride, which is super amazing!

Is that a wand shop?!


Yep, it is! :)

Oh my god. This is just marvellous. The harry potters castle. I m certainly gonna visit this one on my school trip to America. I ll also be visiting Disney land. By the way that is also good. Isn t it?. Great images however. Keep up the good work.

Once again i must say this is something hilarious. Does it contain the whole story and history of harry potter. I would love to see some of the magic tools there. Thanks for the post dear @travellingsomm.

Vaya... mundial... esta chevere... Saludos... gracias por darlo a conocer estos tip..

Very Nice Go Know, I Never know that there is any Place like that. :D

woow ,excelent pictures.... 😉😊 i like harry potter... but you be super super fan

SIMPLY SPECTACULAR! I loved this post and it reminds me of my trip. I also had the opportunity to visit the magical world of Harry Potter and it was an extremely beautiful experience for me, because I consider myself a fan of the most famous magicians in history. The whole subject of magic and what history hides is interesting for me. and knowing that I could live part of it was the maximum. Being in Universal Studios and playing inside the park made me feel like I belonged to Hogwarts and in my wildest dreams I could belong to Griffyndor jajajajjajaj here I leave a picture of my trip some years ago. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did

Omg!!! I have yet to visit there. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan! Did you get a wand? 😜

Wow, that must have been lots of fun. I never thought all these structures were real! 🙈😀