Travel With Me: SRI LANKA! 28 Days Backpacking

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This year I spent 1 month in Sri Lanka and it quickly became my favourite country EVER!


There beaches, the food, the wild animals, the people, EVERYTHING about this country makes it a wonderland.

Here's my itinerary!

  1. Colombo
  2. Hikkaduwa
  3. Galle
  4. Unawatuna
  5. Habaraduwa
  6. Weligama
  7. Mirissa
  8. Matara
  9. Tangalle
  10. Udawalawe National Park
  11. Ella
  12. Nuwara Eliya
  13. Kandi
  14. Sigiriya
  15. Colombo

I will be writing a detailed post soon but for now, please enjoy my video!

I used my SONY Alpha A6000 to film it! This camera is remarkable and I never leave home without it now. Here's a link to buy your own!


See you soon!




That's a very cool video. Great job!

WOW thank you! I'm glad you like it! Maybe you'll like some of my other youtube videos ! : )

I will definitely check them out!

Great feed. Please keep sharing great content. I really enjoy watching your video.

I will keep sharing my travels! Thanks for the kind words!

Beautiful view of srilanka. I have visited there last year but i didn't capture video. But i have taken lots of beautiful pictures. I had a great time there for a week. I love the beauty of srilanka. Small but beautiful Srilanka.

I will share all those beautiful pics of Srilanka on my blog soon. For now i have shared my experience in Venice and Spain. You will love the amazing pictures there.

Awesome!!! I'm glad you got to see Sri Lanka too!! It's a beautiful country. Photos and videos are great but as long as you got to see it with your on eyes!! Looking forward to your Sri Lanka blog!

Very cool, planning to go there soon

Awesome!! Have a great time! if you have any questions, let me know!!

Hey Joe! You got here a very amazing content. The vid is definitely of high quality. I really like the turtles, are those green sea turtles? Lol. Haha. May I suggest you to put your steemit link in your youtube description as this might give your post some benefits. Anyway, really great content. Thanks for sharing! XD

Thanks so much! Yep, they're green sea turtles, they're huge! Good suggestion, I'll do that now. Upvotes and resteems always help so if you think your followers will enjoy it too! :D

I just followed your account :)

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So beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

Thank you! It's a beautiful country ! Glad you enjoyed it!

Oh beautiful vien in srilanka i'm now following you to see this beauty
Thank you @travelgasm

Awesome!! I'll follow you back. Thanks for the kind words!

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@hiroyamagishi You will like this one! :D

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