The Backpack Girl #11 - A Visit To Kangra Museum

in travel •  9 months ago

Hey guys!!

I can't tell you the time I have been having for the past couple weeks. After travelling to the capital of the country where I checked out several ancient monuments, about which I have made several posts here, I also traveled to the northern region of Himachal Pradesh which is such a beautiful state of India.

Today I want to share photos of my visit to a museum in a place called Dharamshala which is a very popular tourist place in India. The museum is called Kangra Museum and is home to rich cultural heritage of Kangra region.

The Museum was opened in 1990 and has numerous idols and paintings, textiles, sculptures, jewellery, coins and objects of cultural anthropology. I hope you enjoy the photos that I clicked while I was there.




















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Always amazed when I see artifacts from history and wonder about the hands and mind that created them.


Me too. Love to know about their history :)

Thats seems like a wonderful find near Dharamshala. Was it crowded like other tourist places when you visited? Any fees to enter? How far from Dharamshala is it, like 30 mins? And were you traveling by public transport?

Sorry for so many questions but was curious to know as questions keep coming up on blog too, so more you know better it is 😊😊


Yeah, it is a wonderful place. No, it wasn't that crowded at all and it is only about an hour from Dharamshala.


Wonderful, thank you for the reply and sharing the details. Will keep in mind while suggesting to folks !!

Nice job, i like traveling too and made post a few minutes ago, you can also check my work, thank you !)


Thank you :)

Always good to see your posts @travel-cuisine . you must on the road a lot at the moment


Thank you :) Yeah, it has been crazy the past month or so. hehe.

It's the best thing about delhi.
Nice work.
Keep it up.


Thank you :) It's actually in Himachal though.


Sorry, commented on the wrong post.

Amazing masterpieces.. Thanks for sharing


Thank you :)

I like the Ganesh statue at first. Its easy to see that these sculptures are hundreds, if not thousands of years old! Thanks for sharing!


Yeah!! I love witnessing these ancient sculptures.

Happy new year with great post that's cool keep it up ;)


Happy new year to you too :)

beautiful sculptures, culture is beautiful


Yeah it is :)

Museum is a great place where we can get our cultural memories
So nice post and nice capture too


Yeah, we can learn a lot from these kind of places. Thank you :)

Great pics :)


Thank you :)

All are ancient things...well captured all the images.


Yeah, ancient sculptures.

All are amazing...
I visited Dharamshala last year but missed this museum.
Thanks for sharing.


Thank you. Yeah, next time when you visit, make sure to check it out.

Hey I liked your post! would be nice if you checked out mine too about traveling to northern Norway! :)


Thank you :)