Costa Rica: The most important trip I’ve ever taken I

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I took a trip to Costa Rica to work at Pachamama: an eco-village, spiritual center, and magical forest. These are my writings from my time there:

This is my Casita.

It’s where I’ll be staying for the next two months. Immediately after I arrived. I sat on my bed and I thought to myself “this is going to be INTENSE.”
I knew I was going to live in nature, but on this bed is where it truly hit me. It is common for visitors to freak out a bit at first, everyone here has been very supportive. I thought coming to the jungle would quiet my mind, but the opposite thing occured. In this silence, aside from the singing of the creatures living here, the chatter inside my mind is louder than ever. At night, my whole being is consumed by total darkness. It’s easy to get scared and to want the comfort your previous life offered. But this is why I came here. One night, I was lost and it was pouring hard. A resident appeared and I told her I was afraid. She said: Don’t be afraid, Fear is not you. This truth danced around me throughout the night.
Only through calmly observing my state of mind can this explosion of emotions, fear of change, and unresolved feelings slowly fade away. Only then can I begin to sing my song.

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Hi @totemworlds, great travel post! I've got a few trips coming up that I'm really looking forward to. Always remember memories are priceless!! Cheers

great journey