The Nomads Bus/Hostel on Wheels - Summer in Norway trailer

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We have been living on the road for almost two years now. And even though we had quite our share of bus engine or other breakdowns, its nothing compared to all the unforgettable moments we experienced thanks to this house on wheels. It’s been 100% worth it to keep going and conquer all the challenges that crossed our path and this whole experience has taught us more than any school ever could.

We want to share this beautiful video with you so you can feel and see what it’s like to live on the bus when everything works :). The freedom of having a new backyard every day. A comfortable bed, like-minded people, an enthusiastic little nomad and happy dog running around, mind blowing nature, norther lights.. It’s time to focus on all the beauty and positive things the bus brings us and all the beautiful places the bus will take us this summer.

It will be our second summer in Norway and although the winter here still is in full and we are enjoying it to the fullest, we can't wait to see the weather change. Apparently this far North the change happens quite suddenly, in a day or two. And you can even see the season change by looking at the mountains and seeing the green line move further up as the days pass. We surely hope to get this on camera and share it with you.

All the best and please let us know in the comments what you think about our concept and life, I always upvote sincere comments and our long term steemit goal is to build a vanlife community that can support each other. If you want to collaborate in any way with us, just give a shout!

Full video online next week.

Film created by Jitze Jaap

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Thanks for sharing very beautiful!

Thanks for sharing your video.
I am looking forward for more of it.

Hopefully my van will take me to norway this august.

OMG, that's totally my style! Thanks for sharing the link to your video with me, you must have known how much I love that kind of trips. Of course, the surf scenes especially touched me :-)
I'll put the bus on my bucket list!
Loved and resteemed :-)

Ha thanks, I kinda thought you might like this. ;)

You hit the nail in the best way possible :-)

Can't wait for the full video!!!
Guys you are pure fantastic! It's just so awesome everything you are doing..from the part that you are traveling everywhere with the bus to the part when you get other travelers with you and have fun together. Watching the video and seeing so many people laughing, having fun and their eyes shining of happiness is the result of what you are doing, and for have all my respect.
This post and the video itself worth more than anything, it's pure masterpiece! And I'm happy to get to know you more through your posts..

Thanks Gabriela, I really appreciate what you are saying and the fact that you are taking the time to write such a comment. All the best to you and who knows maybe one day I'll see you on the bus!

That's the best wish I ever got :)

You guys are an inspiration to all of us!

Thanks, I was just checking your profile post and it is funny I did the same thing with my daughter I wrote to her the first two years of her life, it is not public yet ;)

This is very cool

What an amazing, beautiful story! I look forward to hearing the whole thing. Following for sure.

Wow! House on wheels 😮 You guys deserved to achieve your passion. This is such a wonderful experience. Keep it up 😊 Always follow your dreams, and they know the Way. God Bless

How cool! Following you guys :) x

get spirit💪💪💪

Wow!!!This is really amazing.
I Will be anticipating the release of the full video

Beautiful 👍🏿 As the landscape

This is seriously the coolest concept! I wish there were more people like y'all. I'll be visiting Norway in a few months and I am very excited about it.

wow, looking forward to it!

You're living the dream! Can i buy a volks and attach it at the rear??
The best life is doing something that makes us happy, anywhere and anytime.

Thanks a lot! And you are welcome to join with or without van ;) actually we have already convinced a friend to do that exact same thing and he is joining us soon with his own van. Who knows we might make a moving family out of it. I also must add that we work very hard to be able to live our dream 🤘

Oh wow!! Is this even real? Listen...i would love to...but I can't soon.
Can i put it in my bucket list? Does it need to be this year? If u will say yes, a short holiday is very much possible from now till March 2018.

Nice photos. they deserve an award. It is very nice. great work

Thank you, looking forward to more

Hi! sadly couldn't see the video, but with your words made me imagine that kind of life. Must be wonderful, but I don't think i could make it work like you guys!

Have my admiration, surely isn't easy. Requires a lot of imagination and determination to keep going.

What's your goal? How long are you going to travel? I don't know if you have already say it in a previous post. Just going to check them now. But I can't leave without giving you all my best wishes in your travel.

Hi, if you have the chance you should check the video. We are very proud of it :).

Definitely this life is not for everyone, I am a firm believer that everybody has to follow their own path and not someone else's one. However, I am getting happier and more confident about the choices I have made in the past. All the best to you!

I am looking forward to the full video! :) I spent only one month and a half in a similar way, but I wouldn't change my time back then for anything. (: I hope you get more snowboarding time and less engine troubles in the future <3

Thanks, yes we invested almost all our savings into a big repair right before the start of the winter and the bus has been running better than ever!

Northern lights always fascinate me and I really wanna visit Norway one day. Steemit will help me achieving this dream of mine for sure.

It definitely will! The Northern lights is one of the most beautiful things nature has to offer. A picture only tells so much, it the experience that will last forever.

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Looks very nice and as really interesting new kind of traveling :D

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