Voidokilia Beach (Drone View)

in travel •  6 months ago

Hey everybody,

Today's stop is in GORGEOUS Messenia and to be more specific at Voidokilia beach, which has been voted by National Geographic Traveler (2016) as one of the ten best beaches in the world.

It's a 2-hour ride from Corinth and even though my ex was from Kalamata, I never visited this place before. It's all good though because as we all know (from antiquity until now), Corinthians do it better ;)

Anyway, here's one with filters on....

Here's without a filter. Which one do you prefer? No drone used for the last one...Meh!


Hope you're all well! Cheers :)))))))))

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OMG! Those are truly outstanding and breathtaking shots. Perfectly shot.


Thank you. The natural beauty of the landscape helped a lot :)

Both pics look amazing. I prefer the natural look!


Thanks :)

υπέροχο μέρος... Κάνε και μια διαμονή στο κοστα ναβαρινο....
καλη συνέχεια.... :)


Κάναμε στάση για καφέ αλλά δεν μείναμε :)

This is an extremely beautiful view. would love to spend a lot of time here.


Indeed it is :)

Amazing landscape. Did you use a drone of your own to take the first picture?


Yep, I used a drone for the first one.