In Cairo The Weather Felt Like Spring

in #travel4 years ago (edited)

Amazing country. Amazing history. Amazing culture. Quite friendly people (especially for an Islamic nation). One way or another, it's way different visiting Egypt while serving your country's Navy Forces and another when AMEX sends you in a resort to combine it with work. Wish I could have stayed more than three days though.

Oh well....About dat life!!!


Cheers to the "NEW" who makes more than me and she will still stick with me. It must be true love huh? LOL



Beautiful place, no question.
One hell of a view, or should it be two? :)

player :P

Gangsta :P

Εεεε όχι και player επειδή βρίσκω μια γκόμενα στο κάθε τόσο ρε bro χαχαχα

quality over quantity :P

Βέβαια υπάρχει και το ρητό, ο καλός ο μύλος όλα τα αλέθει 😜

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