Buenos Aires Highlights

in travel •  9 months ago

Last month I travelled to Buenos Aires and not only was it a welcome escape from the miserable UK weather conditions (snow in March) I was delighted to discover a very pretty side of the Argentinian capital.

From an abundance of street art and murals in the colourful neighbourhood of La Boca to exotic flowers in the gardens of the Palermo area, here are some of the visual highlights of my Buenos Aires adventure.

The colourful streets of the La Boca neighbourhood.

Tango basics and an amazing large scale mural.

The cemetery and a very photogenic bridge in the rose garden in Palermo.

As always, all words and artwork are my own and all photographs were taken by me - unless stated otherwise!

I post about my work and what inspires me! Follow my journey as a pattern designer and see what art, people and places I find inspirational here.

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One of my favorite kinds of posts; lots of pictures and you take me on the adventure with you. Did you have any nice food?


Yes, nice food and even better the wines :-)