Muree Tour With Family And we Had Enjoy Alot!

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My tour to Muree:

The place which is located pir panjal region of the state Rawalpindi The District of the Punjab and its a mountain resort place where Most of the people visit and enjoy the nice weather and the natural greenery of the place and to get fresh air and fresh there Brain with the natural beauty of the site !

When i Used to travel from the "Peshawar" region we use to (M1) Motorway from Peshawar toll plaza to the (M1) End at Islamabad and then you have to travel around 45 KM to the muree in the north region to get to muree from the toll plaza Islamabad.

The Amazing beauty of the place we have captured in the picture along with me in those pictures as well !

When i was on the way to muree i have got this selfie along with my family but as a person i do not like to shar emy family picture on the social media,

The Road from islamabad to muree are very smooth either you have to travel along the altitude but you should never feel like the road is hard to travel the place is on a great height but the road is comfortable to drive on.


On the way going above the muree to the ayubia side the road is full on snow on the both side and you have to be careful to not slip the tires of the car As at the morning time the Development team clear the road from snow but still if the snow fall start you should be very careful if you slip the car from the altitude you will have to be in deep problems!


I have Got this place if you have your own tent you will have to enjoy this river bank and this is really calm and awesom place to get fresh air and to enjoy the natural beauty of the place and you will have to have a Bar B Q Party here with your friends and family.





Night BAr B Q Party :

We have travel all day long and in the end it was an awesome fun to have a bar b q party with my family and we have enjoy the roast meat and lump which was the awesome taste and that was the real place if you really want to enjoy the natural beauty of the pakistan you will have to travel this place once for sure . The place you will have to enjoy the Mall Road which is the very secure and attractive place of the muree and you will have to enjoy it alot always!






I am not sure of the clothing you wear. WOW! it looks like you must have felt the cold in the snow.

Can I ask you if the clothes are warm in a snow climate?

BarB looks delicious.

@cardtrader the weather is my city was very warm almost 40C but when i reach there it was very cold there and the cloths are not very warm but it help me to protect my self from very cold.