What actually is sound healing? 'Strange' things we do in Bali

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Hey peeps, today I am writing for you from Ubud, Bali. The place where 'strange' things happen.

'Normal' people from the 'normal' world call things we do over here 'weird'.

And that's okay.

So, today I went to a sound healing session in the pyramids in Ubud with my friend Chris (who's birthday it is also today! Yay!)


So, what is sound healing and how does it work?

Well a sound healing room looks like this:


You walk in, lay down, put on your eye mask and prepare yourself for a journey through sounds, produced by gongs, feathers, drums and rattles and all sorts of other things.

Everything we do in life effects our energy, which will be absorbed by our chakras and will be transferred to our subconsciousness and nervous system.

Every person we meet, every conversation we have, every single experience causes our chakras to open up more, or on the contrary to close more.

Every human has 7 main chakras.

Chakras are your energy centers or energy channels. You can imagine that they work like spirals.

**These are the main chakras: **

  • The Root Chakra.
  • The Sacral Chakra.
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • The Heart Chakra.
  • The Throat Chakra.
  • The 3rd Eye Chakra.
  • The Crown Chakra.

Every chakra has a different colour and stands for a different meaning.


Pic source: Mindvalley Blog

In a sound healing meditation session you lay down on a mattress and a few comfortable pillows.

Everyone is quiet, nobody speaks apart from the healer.

In this particular session, our healer had an assistant with him. Her name was Didi and she sang. Her voice sounded truly beautiful.

This is the healer.

All sound created is absorbed by the chakras and travel through your body.

The best way to start a session like this is to place your head towards the big gong, so the sound can travel properly throughout your entire body, reaching all chakras.

The session starts with different sounds created by the different instruments mentioned earlier and goes on for about an hour.

Different insenses are being lit and different smells travel through the room.

Everybody has different reaction to this type of meditation.

Some people start crying, some people are physically or mentally unrelaxed and some people feel the deepest relaxation ever and fall asleep.

Even if you fall asleep, don't worry, the healing will still take place. Your subconscious picks ups sounds any time. Your conscious permission is not needed for this.

Our body is made out of 75% out of water. Sound travel 4 times faster through water than through air. This is why some people feel immediate relaxation within the session.

**What does the sound do to your brain? **

We have different brain waves. Here we are effecting our 'beta-waves' and a 'theta-waves'.

Beta-waves arouses conscious thought, which is being reduced by the sounds produced by the gongs.

Source: Brain Evolution System

Theta-waves are being increased within the brain through the sound which introduces deep relaxation and awareness of inner-self.

Source: Brain Evolution System

People say that being 20 minutes in a 'Theta state' can be equivalent to 3 - 5 hours normal sleep in rejuvenating the body.

People have claimed to have had the best sleep in a long time the next few days after they attended a sound healing meditation class.

This meditation session took place in the pyramids in Ubud.

**But why pyramids? **

You may (or may not be) highly receptive to the vibrations created by the sounds as your chakra system synchronises with the vibrations and the pyramid's energy.

This means it is clearing out any emotional, mental or even physical blockages you may be holding on to by re-aligning one or more of the energy centres within the body.

This reaction is referred to as a 'release' and if experienced, it is a true blessing and wonderful gift to receive.


The healers encourage you to go to the toilet before the session for obvious reasons ( and I did ), however, after 50 minutes I felt soooooooo uncomfortable because I needed to pee soooo badly that I had to leave the session.

Healing sessions are well known for this. Every healer will tell you that you will be seeking the toilet a lot for a few days after a session.

It's a good thing. As mentioned above, it means you are releasing some blockages and you are simply just flushing them out.

Also, for the last 20 minutes I was in the pyramid it felt BOILING in there. My body was heated up like crazy and it felt very awkward.

Chris didn't feel that way. He felt nausious.

But this may (or may not) refer back to the shots he has had yesterday muahhahahha... or another healing reaction we haven't experienced before.

So, try to find a sound healing meditation near you and check it out!

Today I am convincing Chris to become a Stemmitan also. Let's see!!! :)


Thank you for reading my story.

Please comment, upvote, resteem, or share with someone who could benefit of reading this story. It's much appreciated.

Much Love and Peace from Ubud!!

Mwah!! :-*

Here you can get a glimpse of what sound healing sounds like

Untitled design (13).png


Yes, i have heard and read of those too, never experienced one myself tho

Hi Tina, great post. Would love to experience that healing session.

Where do you live? Maybe you can find one where you are at!

Great article! I have never heard of sound healing but now I want to introduce it into my meditation sessions once in awhile! Thanks for the very well put together post!

yeh no worries. You don't need to go anywhere for it, you COULD just play it in your room also :) There are heaps of tapes available on YouTube (soon to be DTube LOL)

Amazing and resteemed :-)

Thanks, I appreciate this!

I just know in bali there is a place like that, good post, if there is time please help me @tinadahmen

You can try it at home, play the sound off Youtube :)

Ok,if there is time please to visit my blog

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bali is awesome, how can i get there

Hahhaha by plane, boat, UFO?

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My next vacation will be in Bali.
You really made me curious. Have that written on my to-do list. :-)

I miss any information about 432Hz? The frequency of the world.

Have a good time!

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