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in travel •  7 months ago

My recent experience and complaint I filed with Air Asia.

I would like you to improve many things. Both planes were delayed by almost an hour. No support staff in Kuala Lampur to help us find our next gate. We were late and thought we only had a few minutes to catch our next flight. We had to run very far through the airport until we found a security check point to help us. Then we had to go through two security check points before reaching to our gate.

We ordered vegetarian meals for our flight from Kuala Lampur to Bangkok. Instead, we get non-vegetarian meals on our short flight from Surabaya to Kuala Lampur.

Most airlines have the courtesy to at lease give their passengers water and maybe a snack. Not Air Asia. Air Asia is very greedy and stingy and must charge for everything!

My partner and I were separated to different rows on our first flight. When I consulted the gate attendant, I was informed that seats are randomly assigned by the computer and if you don't like it, you must pay yet again another fee! I would have to pay two change seat fees since the computer conveniently filled all seats in both of our rows.

Seats and leg space are very small and uncomfortable. Obviously, your planes are designed for small Asian people. If you haven't noticed, many Asians are not so tiny anymore. I sat next to a man from China. He could not fit into his eat either!

There are no USB charging ports on your planes.

Your Checked Baggage allowance is 15k whereas your competition allows 20k.

On a previous booking, I ordered premium flex tickets. Because of personal circumstances, I had to cancel my flight. I learned that it was going to cost me more than $400 USD to change my schedule and I didn't have the flexibility to change departure or destination points. I could buy new tickets for less than the change fees. Your Flex tickets are worthless!

I have flown many airlines all around the world. I thought airlines in the USA were the stingiest. Now, from my experience with Air Asia, you have won the award as the world's most stingy airline!

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