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Living Off the Wall.

Actually living by staying on it :) I have begun learning the more advanced technical skills that all those who climb into the sky eventually must learn. Here I am beginning ice climbing with a pair of ice tools in my hands and crampons, the steel spikes that mountaineers attach to their boot to create traction on ice and snow. It goes faster than you might think!

I am "top roping" using a rope that my guide/teacher has tied to a pair of trees at the top of the cliffs. If those axes slip out it is there to catch me!

(please click on the photo for a larger image)

To my Steemit explorer friends,

I have probably taken over a million photographs of the natural world since childhood; this is a daily series of some of those I most treasure.

Where They are From

  1. Many are from an organic orchard that I created on the hill above my home. When you are raising trees from saplings you are out in all weather at all hours and see remarkable things.
  1. Some are from my art studio and my efforts there- especially those on behalf of the Tibetan people.
  1. Still others are from my wanderings in the wilderness with compass and map my companions. Many are featured from posts I have created here on Steemit and I will link to those whenever possible if you wish to read more of the how, when and where.

Please upvote if you liked this post, and follow for more journeys through our mysterious and amazing world. And please comment as I greatly value these and will answer any questions you may have (and generally go to look at your posts of course since I consider a group of friends the most valuable possible outcome from efforts on Steemit.

*This photo was taken with the Canon EOS 70D, 18-55 mm lens

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If someone has given a given true meaning and direction to life, then it is you sir...I have immense craziness for mountaineer .

Love to see those pics and Thank you for getting back to steemiting.

Thank you and Have a great day.

Thank you my friend :) Well one true direction is of course up ;) It is nice to be back!

It is cold !!!The temperature of the winter where you live about how many degrees?😰

Yes although those pictures were taken during a somewhat warmer day. It can get as cold as -35 C in this spot. You warm up though when you start all that climbing though :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Welcome to steemit! How are you! Enjoy traveling! -35 c temperature

Hi my friend! :) Nice to be back! I am good although a bit stiff of course...The good temperature. For ice that is :)

Good luck friend! Have a nice day

Wow... Nice work @throughmyeyes
I was curious at first when I see the first image, but after reading the message button line I was ok...
U are really trying a great things... Keep the good spirit I believe you will master the climbing soon and become expert..

Thanks my friend! :)

How have you been my friend.... Hopefully everything is fine with you? Its been months I don't see you around.