Mysterious Landscapes

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Floating Crystal Shore.

Yet another photo from the enchanted dusk of February 22, 2007. An equilibrium with an invisible force slowly grew this crystal shore hour after hour until I arrived and captured it in this instant. A few days later, the entire show would vanish into the frigid water and the sunlight to be replaced by an entirely new show...

To my Steemit explorer friends,

I have probably taken over a million photographs of the natural world since childhood; this is a daily series of some of those I most treasure.

Where They are From

  1. Many are from an organic orchard that I created on the hill above my home. When you are raising trees from saplings you are out in all weather at all hours and see remarkable things.

  2. Some are from my art studio and my efforts there- especially those on behalf of the Tibetan people.

  3. Still others are from my wanderings in the wilderness with compass and map my companions. Many are featured from posts I have created here on Steemit and I will link to those whenever possible if you wish to read more of the how, when and where.

Please upvote if you liked this post, and follow for more journeys through our mysterious and amazing world. And please comment as I greatly value these and will answer any questions you may have (and generally go to look at your posts of course since I consider a group of friends the most valuable possible outcome from efforts on Steemit.

*This photo was taken with the Canon Powershot G6

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It looks like it got frozen in mid flow.Amazing formation @throughmyeyes

Yes possibly. It is probably more the combined effects of freezing,melting and shaping over many hours.

until it can be detected when such amazing changes from water to ice will be snow in the next day and change of shape and other atmosphere

Nice to see these beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing.

Dear friend! I really liked your post, well written. I'm asking you to go to my page and mark "like" or leave a comment in the posts. Did you like it and you subscribe to me? I will reciprocate and You will be very grateful. Thank you! :))

Thank you @rollsman! I will go and take a look...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Looks like its been plastic wrapped.. or melted plastic/glass.

Yes it does have that look like flowing plastic.

beautiful! Nature is amazing.

It certainly is! :)

love photography

Thank you @prashantahlawat! :)

Thank you for the beautiful picture and for posting interesting original content. I will upvote and follow you.

Thanks @petrushka13! :)

Long time ago I did not see your post ..

Hi @a-alice! :) Yes I've been locked out of my own account due to my own stupidity...back now.

Welcome back ^^

That pic is really really beautiful....


Thank you my friend...:)

After a long time ...I can see you back in steemit......hope the break was rejuvenating for you....

This is lovely look..

Thanks @davidad! :)