Pilatus 📍 Switzerland

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Imagin beeing there. What an impressive view. This mountain structure called Pilatus is on 2128 meters over sea and in the center of switzerland.
source: https://www.bergwelten.com/lp/pilatus-hausberg-der-luzerner

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I was there many years ago! We rode a tram up to the top. I remember walking over to the railing on the viewing area and looking across the cloud cover below me to what looked like "the rim of the world". Tiny, snow-capped mountain tops barely rose above the clouds at the horizon line which was slightly rounded. It did not look or feel like planet earth. Suddenly, the music of Led Zeppelin came blasting over a boombox directly below me. Someone was laying there sunning themselves and listening to the immigrant song. I looked again at the view and just listened; I really did feel as if I was in an "other worldly" science fiction or fantasy film scene. I will never forget that moment.

Such beautiful scenery! Shame I'm not fit for altitudes 🙄

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