Grimsel 📍 Switzerland

in #travel4 years ago


This beautiful dam is in the region of Bern an on 1908 meters over sea level. It was build in 1932 and produces energy for the region.

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This is an incredibly intense photo in so many ways! Every detail seems in focus. It looks like a fantasy world - it could be a place in Middle Earth from the Lord of the Rings! I love the mineral rich water color in the foreground reservoir area partially reflecting the cloudy sky above, which draws your eye to follow the lighter color of the water directly behind the dam, and finally, to the mountains beyond that in the far distance. The road loop below and alongside the reservoir area seems to point to the dam and mountains, while below that, either road or river at the cliffs' bottom lead your eye to and from the dam as well. Though rugged, this scene which is quite well captured by your photo is very beautiful, indeed!

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