St. Moritz 📍 Switzerland

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It is one of the most famous spas and winter sports resorts in the world. The winter olympics were held here in 1928 and 1948. St. Moritz is in the alps of switzerland an on 1822 meters over sea.

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St. Mortiz seems like a fantastic place to go. I went to Geneva last summer and i'm very surprised by the beauty of Switzerland. I'm planning to go back this year with my girlfriend. I hope to also have the chance one time to spent a winter vacation in beautiful St. Moritz. Fantastic photo!

I dream of knowing Switzerland, chocolates, federer, Tag Heuer, and many international organizations such as the ILO where I do work that makes travel worthwhile.

This image is spectacular, ice, water, tranquility, lights, colors, all in one photo, great!

long exposure right? the final result it is just amazing. awesome photo

Yes, i love long exposure photos too.
Thank you very much for your support!

wow! Really nice picture!

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