So Many Fish!! Scuba Diving in Similan Islands, Thailand

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The coral reefs of the Similan Islands of Thailand are teeming with schools of fish! We had perfect visibility for this lazy morning dive and the fish were extremely active.

It so hard to describe that incredible feeling of being weightless in crystal clear water while nature spirals around you... just absolute bliss...

Thanks to West Coast Divers for the awesome liveaboard diving experience!


  • Dive #: 2184
  • Max Depth: 25m/80ft
  • Decompression Time: 3min at 5m/15ft
  • Tank: 1 x AL80
  • Gas: EANx30
  • Remaining Air: 75bar
  • Total Dive Time: 61min

Want to learn more about diving the Similan Islands of Thailand? Drop me a line in the comments and I'll share my knowledge.

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mbah I love your videos. i want to dive but i'm too scared of water to swim