the Etna Wine Road

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the Etna Wine Road

Where is produced a precious wine, born from the fire and the volcanic ashes


In the heart of the Mediterranean, between Taormina and Catania, stands the volcano Etna, the largest volcano in Europe. This gorgeous and threatening mountain has, since ancient time enrich the peoples who have inhabited it and have often linked its activities with legends or even supernatural phenomena. The lava flows that over the centuries have succeeded have made these lands, black and sunny, fertile and generous so that on the slopes of the volcano the vineyards have​ always grown lush and wine production has entered the myth. Homer tells us, for example, that Ulysses drank the cyclopes​ Polyphemus with the grape growing spontaneously on the slopes of Mount Etna. This vineyard district, therefore, was well-known to the civilizations of the past, given the very ancient origins of viticulture in the area. We even have some news from the Theochritan poet in the 3rd century BC. And we have further confirmation by some source from the 5th century BC.


Wines with personality

The wines produced here have a strong personality as well as the land that generated them, the passion of those who worked and reflect the contrasts of a place warmed by the warm sun almost every day of the year, wetted by the waters of the Ionian Sea And covered by the incandescent and spectacular lava of Etna. These are excellent quality wines that over the years have become increasingly popular in Italy and abroad, as the whole Sicilian enology.


The Etna Wine Road

The Etna Wine Road is a path and an association from the Regional Province of Catania with the aim of enhancing and stimulating the areas of high vocation of wine and that is articulated through various villages inside the Etna Park (a naturalistic reserve). The Etna Wine Road is an itinerary that unfolds along the eternal territory, rich in history and a unique charm of its kind for its physical, climatic and cultural characteristics. Over 20 wine-growing companies, often located in enchanting places, with ancient cellars that, in full respect of tradition, use modern technologies that can be visited, upon reservation.


It is in these places that Etna DOC was born (an acronym that in Italy certify the high quality of wines and food.) a wine or to better say three wines, a white, red and rosé qualities, obtained from the grapes of four completely indigenous vines, fed by sandy soils The lava of the volcano: the Carricante, the Catarratto from which the Etna Bianco Doc and the Nerello Mascalese and the Nerello Mascalese from which derives the Etna Rosso.


Nevertheless, we must not make the mistake of thinking that the Road is only a physical place because not only wine-growing companies are encountered along their paths with their lush vineyards but also agro-food companies (which produce cheeses, salami, jams, honey and other products linked to the Etnean territory), and then wine bars, wine shops, grapevine and wine museums, information and reception centers, tourist accommodation facilities and much more...


Come to visit The Etna Wine Road, and drink responsibly.

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