Hollywood Walk of Fame .... Yay or Nay?

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Happy Monday, Steemians!

Soooo....with Steem being low, I wonder who is still here, raise your hands :P

Although I have returned from vacations, I have not really browsing around yet but the people that I follow, and only yesterday I learned donkeypong is powering down, nathanmars is leaving supposedly, what is going on???!!! :P Better shut your eyes, ears, and mouth, keep swimming, keep swimming, just like what Dory would do, but who would like to be Dory, I mean, am already forgetful most of the times, cannot have short-term memory too :P Look at me, not even 11 AM and rambling nonsense, thanks to what I read last night, a theory on Nemo, from Finding Nemo:

Basically, Nemo doesn’t exist. Marlin was so distraught over the loss of his wife and kids that, to cope, he imagined a single son survived. The creepiest part of this theory is that 'Nemo' translates to 'no one' in Latin." - tersa, via BuzzFeed

Actually not just that theory that made me stayed up a bit and stared into the dark in the room, but this whole article: https://www.buzzfeed.com/alliehayes/creepy-fan-theories-about-childrens-movies ! The Jigsaw picture itself, from Saw, made me feel uneasy to try to close my eyes :P Then reading more of the articles, then hearing news of people leaving Steem (nothing new on this actually lol), made me up even more!

Naah...I kid, I kid. I was chatting with @khimgoh, always good catching up with her then I got so busy playing with Zombie Catchers on my phone, I did not really wanna go to bed lol Do you know this game? My boys got me hooked on it like ants to a pot of honey lol Then I read more DMs and browsed Steemit and learned "news", and went to bed after realizing Steem was down to 28 cents, from 35 cents, boo-hoo.

Now that am done rambling :P Come check some pictures I took while strolling around Hollywood with my family. Yep, we went to check out some stars of the famous Walk of Fame.

I did not anticipate that the Walk of Fame would be sooooooo long. Do'h. What were you thinking, TKF??!!! Obviously it would be very long as there are hundreds of famous actresses, actors, musicians, comedians, etc. Super do'h!

We did not go from end to end, as both sides of the pedestrian walk have them stars and that would take the whole day if not more, just to see the names. Besides.....I think it's a bit overrated (PEACE!)? They are dirty like hell.

Totally different to the Walk of Fame in Nashville, the one in Hollywood for sure are always stepped on by people, tourists, vendors, homeless, and also dogs, daily. People do not just walk, skip, run on them, but also sleep, spit, throw up, and am sure take a piss on some when people not watching...or even when people are watching :-/

A bit sad to see that. As a first timer, a naive first timer, I should say. TV only shows the good side. Clean walk, nice shiny stars, and people pay attention to them, or just showing happiness to spot them. I did not see those things I saw on TVs. People just walked about, not even looking down...and also some were doing what I mentioned above. Spat and whatnot, not on purpose (maybe?), coughed, phlegm, spat it out, right on a star or two, or more. Yuck lol

Well, again, besides what the TVs would show, the one I went to in Nashville, even though not long at all, was totally nice.

Have you been to Hollywood? Did you check the Walk of Fame? What do you think of it? How was your experience?

I only took a couple pictures, and only on names that I know. But for sure, we just had to take a picture with Bryan Adams' as he is Canadian ;-)

For sure, it's not easy to take care of them stars as tourists local and international are just clogging Hollywood, right. But still, it's so funny that there is always nice ceremony, with red carpet and whatnot, when a new star is added, but then that's about it. That star will be walked on by thousands dirty shoes....and again, human body fluid....unwanted ones :P

But as much ugly as the reality is, had I had the time, I might have checked out the whole available stars! I mean....it's Hollywood Walk of Fame after all :P Would love to find stars I like, even only their stars, not the real stars hahahah And plus, I do want to know how long them sidewalks go for, the ones that have stars, I mean.

We did see a couple of Hollywood celebrities though, like Alec Baldwin, Jewel Staite and Grant Gustin, but not while in Hollywood. Will share the stories for that some other time ;-)

Anyhoo.....thanks for looking!

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and for that, you got voted at 100% ;-)

not much tho, only 5 cents haha


5 cents beats the heck out of my vote lol.

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you've had quite the vacation... :)

hey! hows going??? hope all is better there!

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I know what you mean
You just need to step away a bit and you come back to all kinds to make your head spin
Sometimes you can spend so much time reading stuff on discord, on comments of a post .....
Anyways, yes talking to @khimgoh is always good
I got my fair share last week :D

I have always thought that about the Hollywood Walk Of Fame...
Like all these people walking all over them
Now it's even worst
I didn't know people spat there too.... I just thought it was an Asian thing

Well, thank you for taking us on that walk
Doesn't seem like an absolute must now hahahaha
And yeah.... just keep swimming <33

And your last tag hahahahaha

and for noticing that, also 100% voted hahahahah