Travel Hack #9: Stay Connected and Product Review

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Hi, I'm Amy, and I'm @thehoneys on Steemit. My husband is @eventspeaker. I have another travel hack for you and I came upon this one by accident. It is a little tiny device and it's called an ankor, a.n.k.o.r. I do not know how I function without this. I found it by accident because my best friend Ginni actually bought it for me for a, I think it was a birthday present or something. But Anyway, um, oh no, it wasn't a birthday. It was a gift but it wasn't a birthday present. She got me chocolate on my birthday, but this is the ankor and, and this is a little charging device. It charges everything and I flipping love it because. Okay, check it out. I flew all day today. I flew from Los Angeles, no, I mean Las Vegas. I don't even know where I'm at. Where am I?

I flew from Las Vegas to Minneapolis. I'm in Minneapolis right now at the Radisson Blu hotel and I spent all day on my phone. I recharged it three times and I even charged my little ear pods. Oh, I don't know where they're at. They're usually in my pocket, my little ear pods I charged those up too. And this usually has four bars for a full charge and look at it. It still has three bars, so I literally can charge this guy up once. It takes overnight to charge it, but I can charge this guy up once and it lasts me for two or three days. I flipping love this thing. It lasts me through like, it lasted me all the way to England, you know, and, and recharge the foreign. I don't have to worry about plugging in or anything anywhere. I absolutely, absolutely love this thing. So this is called an ankor.

I think you can get it for like $25 on Amazon. I got it as a gift. If you want a really cool gift to give somebody that travels a lot, they will love you forever for this little guy. So it goes everywhere with me and it has been a lifesaver. And in fact, it was so funny because when I was in England with the team, they were, they kept calling it the magic charger, they'd be like, Amy, do you have your magic charger with you? Because everybody's phone was dying and it literally charged everybody's phone and I would just go home and plug it in at night and it would, it would give everybody's phone a full charge and it charges super fast. So like in 20 minutes, 30 minutes, you have almost a full charge on your phone when it's practically dead. So you have to get one even if you don't travel a lot. SOOOO, but that's my travel hack for today.

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Sounds like a great gadget you could feature on @steemhunt :)
If you won't I just might do it for ya. Love . LOVE.
You guys enjoy your travel mama.
Xo :)


What's steemhunt? I'll have to check it out!! Would love to feature something there!!


You definitely should :), visit their page for more details.


I did visit their page and couldn't find any rules or guidelines to submit. :)


The posting guidelines for @steemhunt
Feel Free to look on steemhunt website for samples on how to post. There are daily posts.