Travel With The Honeys #13: Minneapolis Down Town

in travel •  9 months ago

In every town I go into, I always find some great lessons there! Minneapolis, Minnesota was no different. What I found completely fascinating was that they had chairs that sat out on the Main Street where people simply hung out. Not only that, but, there was these FASCINATING piano's. Brightly painted, super pretty, and just hanging out for passersby to drop in and drop a beat.

I highly recommend taking a moment to appreciate this man. As Raza and I were sitting in the blue chairs along the road, as if waiting for a parade, this man showed up and blessed us with his music. I jumped up and started filming. He had no idea I was there. He was just simply singing and playing piano for his own joy. I wondered and began a heavy contemplation of this man. I wondered who he was, what did he do for a living? Was he happy? Did he like his home? Did he have kids? He was so super talented, and I felt the world should hear him. Maybe he was a famous singer and I didn't know it. Or, maybe his gifts and talent were the worlds best kept secret? I didn't know, but, I thought a lot about him. When I woke up this morning, I replayed the video again. Of course, it's not professionally mastered, and my iPhone video of this doesn't do this man justice. (As you can tell, I was quite impressed by him).

I was also impressed that this is the culture of down town Minneapolis. As people bustled by, this seemed to be an every day occurrence to them. All in all, everyone in Minneapolis were extremely friendly. People smiled as you walked by, and one girl that was sitting in the blue chairs would call out to passersby and give them compliments. A lady walked by across the street, and she yells out, "Hey, I love your dress! What a great color!" Another man walked by and she tells him, 'Great hat!". It was as if she was just sitting there looking for something to appreciate about each person walking by. When the piano man got up after his song, she told him, 'Sir, thank you so much for blessing us with your music. You are a true blessing'. I quickly agreed and thanked him. He seemed to go a bit red, said thank you, and quickly shuffled off with a bag of something in his hand. He had either been out shopping or had been carrying something. Amazing!! The culture here was so incredible.

IMG_8754 2.jpg

And then I began thinking about steem. I feel we are so lucky to have a platform where we can express our creativity, our talent, and share it with the world. And not only that, but, we can get paid for it. What an incredible concept! I wanted to grab the man and tell him about it. But, he would have thought I was nuts. And he had made such a quick exit.

I have so much more to tell you about Minneapolis, but, I'm going to leave it here for now, simply because I don't want to take anything away from Piano Man. I will remember this complete stranger fondly!

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My dad went to the States and lived there for about 3 months and one of the place he lived was in Minneapolis, He loved the friendliness of people there, he felt welcome while driving around to meet his friends. Ppl were nice even though he is an Asian. It is one of the place that I really want to tag along when dad visits his friends again.


I loved that he felt at home there!! I know I personally love people from other cultures!! Nice to meet you!!

Amy Honey

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