Travel With Me #10 : The Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur ( Part-IV ) !!

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Hello All Dear Steemit Friends,

So friends it's been a while since i posted my last Travel With me post and i got involved into so many new things in last two months so I did't managed to write about this series,so today i decided to continue the series and take you to the next room of this Awesome Museum which is the "Weapon Room",

So guys the Kings of Jaipur and other places were also known for their special weapons and armory that they used in their Battles and this room is a perfect showcase of those weapons which were used by the King of Jaipur,

So Let's Have A Look :-


So friends this is the Full Body Armour of Jaipur's kind and this is showcased Beautifully.


The Head Helmet was also one of their most useful thing in their Weaponry and in this museum we have a whole collection of Head Helmets.





Here we have some really brutal Weapons that reminds me of Gladiators time and the weight of all these Weapons is really heavy for a men of today's time.






So Friends i hope you enjoyed today's Travel with me because all these Weapons are really unique and have their own special place in History of Indian so it feels really great to see them and share them with All of you guys,

There was also a "Egyptian Museum" in Albert Hall and in the next part i am going to take you to their and share my experience with all of you,

You can read the recent part of this series by clicking Below :-

Travel With Me #9 : The Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur ( Part-III ).

So guys Please share your own travel experiences with me in the comments below and see you in the next part.

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Great warriors, Rich in culture, spicy food, colors and rooted sentiments, this is what makes India an incredible country!!
Nice pics :)


Yes absolutely right bro and iam glade that you liked the pictures.

Was it Rajput kingdom that used these weapons?


Yes but these Weapons are collected from different different places with different different cultures so their might be Weapons from other cultures as well

Great !
I liked the gun most 😇


Ya i also liked that because those guns are looking really beautiful.

I remember this series of the museum. Those are some unique items - the swords and knives look exceptional and it is really good to step back in time and see what was used in the ancient times. Great pictures :)


Thanks buddy and i totally enjoyed that visit because it's good to know about the history of the city in which iam living.