Prague - What Connects Beer and Hajduk Split?

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For most Croatian people who visit Prague restaurant and beer house U Fleku is a must see place. Besides food and beer, Croatians have have a very special reason to visit this place. In 1911 a group of Croatian youngsters, who were studying in Prague, founded the first Croatian football club Hajduk. Hajduk Split and Dinamo Zagreb are two best and most successful football clubs in Croatia. So we do like to enjoy a good beer and feel proud when we look at this plaque in "U Fleku". It also reminds us on strong ties between Croatians and Czech people.

Few years ago me and my beer-loving friends spent a long weekend in Czech´s capital. On average Czech people drink more beer that anywhere else in the world. And of course Czech Republic is a home of Pielsner.

Prague´s old charm will make an impression that you will never forget. Astonishing architecture and a very special atmosphere is something that makes Prague so special.

After four days of sightseeing and exploration of local beer scene, we were content and full of impressions. We were also sad that we have to leave. And yes we will come back.

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