Could Tama City in Japan have the First Artificial Intelligence Mayor?

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Tama City is perhaps on its way to write history. While the world realizes that artificial intelligence (A.I.) is going to play a major part in the future of humankind, this city has a candidate for mayor who proposes that all leading civil servants should be A.I.-robots. The man is running mayor and calls himself the A.I. – mayor.

To be clear, he is not a robot but a human being, but if he is elected he will the A.I.-units make all the major decisions in his community. Of course, everybody knows that all over the world, some A.I.-units take over some labor jobs, but it is unheard that robots will have any responsibility for decision-making
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The candidate mayor: Michihito Matsuda will use all possible A.I. technology if elected in all city departments. The man is convinced that this is the only way to ensure a fair, logical and non-corrupt government. To him, it makes perfect sense. If he will replace in time the mayor-office by an A.I.-unit is unclear.

For the first time in history, an A.I. unit will be running for public office says Michihito Matsuda proudly. For him this is the remedy for the future, the decisions will have a logic, mistakes annihilated and corruption will have no chance. He is convinced that this would put Tama City on the highway to the future and on the world map.
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He acknowledges that his role will be minor and he calls himself an ‘avatar’ for the superior A.I. unit.

If you think this is a stunt or a joke, think again, the A.I. unite has a true election campaign just like the human counterparts. Traditional politicians try to laugh it away and call the candidate a lunatic, but some people are very fond of the idea and support the campaign. Japan could be in for a big surprise.
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The election takes place on April 15th, 2018, the chance that this gets anywhere is microscopic small but as a sociological experiment it can have a huge impact and start a discussion that will be relevant for the future of human interaction with robotics in general.
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